Vedic astrology and world events for the second half of 2019

Turbulent times for astrology and world events for the second half of 2019

This is a follow up to my previous post which attempted to shed light on the recent world events – political, environmental, international, and personal. If we can better grasp why something is happening, then we can make more informed decisions. We can choose to participate in implementing change in meaningful and effective manners.  As you understand the correlation of Vedic astrology and world events for the second half of 2019, it may help you put situations in perspective.  Otherwise, we may get caught up in another frenzy of too much information and trying to sort through news reports, Facebook feeds and never-ending conversations.  When that happens, it can make us a feel a bit paralyzed and unsure of where to turn or what to do next.

Planetary correlations for Vedic astrology and world events for the second half of 2019

There have been countless problems with water contamination, pollution, lowering of environmental standards, and disasters at sea. Unfortunately, these are not likely to diminish in the near future.

  1. The Sun enters Leo on August 17, where it joins Mars. Leo is a fire sign. Sun and Mars are the fiery or Pitta planets in Jyotish.  Both Sun and Mars also signify leadership. The planets will be traveling in close tandem with each other, especially at the end of the month. This pairing paves the way for fire related disasters as well increased heat indices. As both planets also signify powerful leaders, there can be  further political instability for the “battle for the throne” all over the world. Egos will take precedence over acting for the greater good.
  2. Rahu acts like Saturn. Saturn will be in Purva Ashadha nakshatra until the end of the year. On September 12th, Rahu moves into Ardra nakshatra. Ardra relates to moisture and water. Its deity is Rudra, the god of the storms. Ardra can cause things to be wiped away. Furthermore, Rahu causes events to happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Rahu will be in Ardra until May, 2020. Thus there is an even greater likelihood of water related issues. I’ll post more updates on my Facebook page regarding these events.
  3.  Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November. That transition period can also create more tumultuous events in the world. The good news is that Jupiter leaves Scorpio.  Jupiter is a significator of children. One of the mottos of Jyestha nakshatra (the last 13 degrees of Scorpio) is “don’t fence me in”. Normally, it means that the person requires a lot of personal space and freedom to do what they want. However, we have seen the tragic real life and literal implications of this. Ideally, the door opens for some solutions to these horrific conditions. 
  4. Yet, while Jupiter is gandanta from mid-October to mid-November, it may be difficult to garner any forward motion. Gandanta is when a planet is at the last 3 degrees and 20 minutes of a water sign (Scorpio) and the first 3 degrees and 20 minutes of  fire sign (Sagittarius). This is a very unstable time and can create opposing factions and much back and forth. 
  5.  The positive news is that Jupiter will be back home in its own sign of Sagittarius for one year.  The first nakshatra in Sagittarius (the first 13 degrees) is Mula.  As with Ardra, Mula can also be very unstable.  Its deity is Niritti, the goddess of calamity. She creates disasters so that we have to start fresh again. She is also known as Alakshmi.  As Niritti and Lakshmi are sisters, it is beneficial to propitiate Lakshmi.  It has often been said that both sisters cannot occupy the same residence (in this case an astrological sign).  Niritti teaches us how to uproot and replant ourselves and still smile throughout the process. Mula is a nakshatra of great spiritual depth and can deepen our practices more than ever.
  6.  Jupiter’s stay in Mula may also bring about great advances in scientific research. Jupiter remains in Mula until the beginning of January, 2020. 
Fires and storms are likely given transits in astrology and world events for the second half of 2019

How to navigate the rest of 2019

How can you manage the planetary positions in Vedic astrology and the world events for the second half of 2019?

1. Pay attention to what is happening in your town/ city/ state. Make a difference where and how you can. Vote with your dollars as to what companies you patron. Support local businesses who are providing valuable services for your community and who have a vested interest in what happens locally. Contact your local and state legislators. Campaign for the candidate of your choice.

2. Donate to organizations which are working to support causes which are important to you. You may even be able to volunteer and work with them from a distance.

3. Focus on your spiritual practices, whatever your religion. Pray for the highest good of all beings. With Jupiter in Mula, you will be able to feel the significant impact of what you are creating in your inner world.

5. Focus on unity. Don’t get caught up the “us versus them” mode of thinking. Reach out to people of other races and religions. Moreover, learn more about their culture and belief systems. Be welcoming rather than alienating and discriminating.

6. Recite mantras for Saturn (Shani) and Jupiter (Guru) especially on Saturdays (the day of Saturn) and Thursdays (the day of Jupiter). You can chant for Rahu on Saturdays.

7. Also recite mantra for Mula and Poorva Ashadha nakshatras (Sagittarius) as well as for Ardra nakshatra (Gemini).

8. While Rahu is in Ardra, you can worship Rudra in the form of a statue of Shiva, a Shiva lingam, or a Shiva natraj. Chant Shri Rudram, read the text and wear a rudraksha mala for protection. Do so particularly on Saturdays.

9. Be very mindful of your actions during times of planetary instability. Understand what Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter are doing in your chart, and what planetary cycle you are in.

10. Additionally, pay attention to your financial expenditures. Do not spend frivolously. Have a budget as well as a regular plan to put aside money in savings.

11. Worship goddess Lakshmi while Jupiter is in Mula nakshatra. You should especially do so on Thursdays and Fridays.

12. If heavy emotions are weighing you down, seek professional help. Realize what you can and cannot change. You may also take tinctures or herbal supplements to elevate your mood.

I’ll post more about Vedic astrology and world events for the second half of 2019 on Facebook.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti