Vedic astrology and world events for the first half of 2019

A lot of the recent events have been extremely intense. The bombings in Sri Lanka, the shooting on Passover near San Diego, and the turbulent storms in many locations.  Here are some insights regarding Jyotish or Vedic astrology and world events for the first half of 2019. This examines the past few months and also what to expect moving forward.

With all the events going on in the world, sometimes people feel that it’s easier to tune out. The pain of it all becomes unbearable. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to become paralyzed with fear, grief, and hopelessness or to have so much pent up anger about a situation. Yes, it is intense. Understanding the correlation of Vedic astrology and world events for the first half of 2019 may help put situations in perspective.

Planetary correlations for Vedic astrology and world events for the first half of 2019

  1. First of all, Saturn turned retrograde on April 29th. During the times leading up to and immediately following retrogression, it becomes a slow moving natural malefic. My Jyotish teacher likened this to a violent storm. (Which we have had plenty of lately). On May 10th, it was moving at half of its normal speed. Saturn seeks security and it does so strategically and conservatively. It will do what it must to ensure its perceived safety. We can expect more turbulent weather with Saturn turning retrograde.

2. A significant pairing influencing Vedic astrology and world events for the first half of 2019 is that Saturn and South node Ketu are within 1 degree of each other in sidereal Sagittarius. Saturn’s trying to make sure it has control over situations, while its current companion, Ketu, is trying to stabilize things. It has its “marching orders”. This can create fanatical type behavior. The nodes always move backwards, and Saturn is currently retrograde. If you are in a Saturn or Ketu planetary cycle, please be cautious, especially regarding whatever this signifies in your chart.

3. Saturn and Rahu (North node) both indicate foreigners (i.e. those from a different country of origin than you). Sagittarius can also signify foreigners and overseas travel. Saturn is very conservative, methodical, and does like to feel controlled. Therefore, issues come to the forefront regarding proper norms and ethics by those in one’s country, as well as for outside countries. Saturn’s aspect onto Rahu further enhances Rahu’s mimicry of Saturn’s behavior.

4. Jupiter is usually seen as the stabilizing planet as it signifies wisdom. However, it has been very unstable in that is has been gandanta – the end of a water sign and the beginning of a fire sign. – It’s most volatile between Scorpio and Sagittarius. It has gone back and forth between signs in April due to retrogression. To sum it up, these transitions renders world matters very unstable. Jupiter is currently back in Scorpio and retrograde. It will be more stable when by early June.

5. As I have written in a previous blog and posted on Facebook, Saturn has been in Purva Ashadha nakshatra. Ketu has now joined Saturn there. So, we can expect more storms. As Saturn and Ketu are in Sagittarius, a fire sign, there is also an increased chance of wildfires. Dangerous events involving both liquids and fire can occur. Plan your travels carefully.

6. Rahu and Mars are currently together in Gemini. Both are impulsive, action oriented, and restless. Hence, they make for a dynamic, unpredictable duo. Mars entered Gemini on May 7th and will stay there until June 21st.

The greater meaning

Astrologically, it is a time when stability crumbles, so that it can be rebuilt into something better. Humans are facing all kinds of trials and the earth is suffering. One million species are on the verge of going extinct.

We’ve been complacent for too long and situations are going from bad to worse globally. It’s a wake up call on all levels. Mother nature is unhappy as we have not been paying proper attention to her. We are destroying sacred land, forests, oceans, rivers, and entire species.

In this digital age of convenience, we become so obsessed with screens and technology that we haven’t really looked up and looked around at what is really happening and what is crying out for our attention.

This is the time for us to all become the best versions of ourselves. Polish your skills and put them to use for the same of humanity.

The leaders who hold power are teaching separateness and divisiveness. It’s had a ripple effect. There is unending discrimination based on race, color and religion. Conservative views have regained popularity. People feel shunned and insecure. Consequently, they act out violently and impulsively.

Astrological transits are contributing to radical behavior, which has been ignited by societal behavior. It can also be a time for deep transformation in a positive direction if people choose wisely.

Proactive measures

What can you do?
1. ACT – volunteer, call your politicians, campaign for your candidate of choice. Sign petitions and share them. Write letters. Do not just post on social media about all the terrible events which are happening. Walk your talk, rather than just talking.

2. Donate to organizations which are working to support causes which are important to you. You may even be able to volunteer and work with them from a distance. Support local businesses who are providing valuable services for your community and who have a vested interest in what happens locally.

2. Find out where the candidates stand on gun control, the environment, women’s rights, etc. and what they plan to do about it. For instance, Kamala Harris announced that if she wins, she will give Congress 100 days to pass gun control or she will enact an executive order.

3. Focus on your spiritual practices, whatever your religion. Pray for the highest good of all beings.

4. Focus on unity. Don’t get caught up the “us versus them” mode of thinking. Reach out to people of other races and religions. Moreover, learn more about their culture and belief systems. Be welcoming rather than alienating and discriminating.

5. Recite mantras for Saturn (Shani) and Jupiter (Guru) especially on Saturdays (the day of Saturn) and Thursdays (the day of Jupiter). You can chant for Ketu on Tuesdays and Rahu on Saturdays.

4. Also recite mantra for Poorva and Uttara Ashadha nakshatras (Sagittarius).

5. Be very mindful of your actions during times of planetary instability.
Understand what Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter are doing in your chart, and what planetary cycle you are in.

6. Additionally, try not to incite conflict. Choose your words and battles carefully. Don’t multi-task when you drive. Be focused, be vigilant, be kind and be humble.

7. Reach out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. Pick up the phone and get together. Don’t just rely on social media to connect. Foster a greater connection with people so that they feel supported.

8. If heavy emotions are weighing you down, seek professional help. Realize what you can and cannot change. You may also take tinctures or herbal supplements to elevate your mood.

9. Focus on an attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings. Be grateful for what you do have. Moreover, Create a strong inner vibration for yourself. This will help ground when there is instability around you.

I’ll write more about Vedic astrology and world events for 2019 in an upcoming blog that will cover the next six months. I’ll also post other updates on Facebook.

Om Sham Shri Shanicharaya Namah 
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti