Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Readings

  • Natal astrology readings: to map out the indications in your astrology chart which influence your life. This Jyotish readingsprovides an overview of your present and future. Emphasis is placed on home and family environment, personal and professional partnerships, career, health, and finances. Rate: $175  for 75 minutes.   ORDER SERVICE»
  • Progressive astrology readings: for the coming year. Gain an insight into planetary cycles and transits and their impact on the various areas of your life. It is ideal to prepare a progressive chart for the year commencing on your birthday. Rate: $175 for 75 minutes.   ORDER SERVICE»
  • Prashnas or horary astrology: to answer any specific questions of concern to you. Questions may include the likely outcome of an event or situation (i.e. promotion, relationship, move, sale of property) or whether a particular course of action would be advisable (i.e. should I accept this job?) A natal chart is not needed. Cost: $75 per question for a half hour.   ORDER SERVICE»
  • Muhurta or Auspicious Timing: We can predict the likely outcome of an event based on the time of its inception or undertaking. By selecting an astrologically favorable time to engage in an event, you can expect beneficial results for all parties concerned. Useful for marriages, legal contracts, purchase of property, moves, journeys, opening of a business, etc. Cost: $125 per event.   ORDER SERVICE»
  • Relationship Compatibility: Determine your compatibility with a potential romantic or business partner. See where your similarities and differences lie and what main issues may surface in your relationship. Rate: $175  for 75 minutes.   ORDER SERVICE»
  • Birth Time Rectification: Unsure of your birth time within a few hour time frame? I can go through a process to determine your correct time. Rates vary depending on the time commitment involved in the calculation.  Send an email for additional information.
  • Tutoring: Are you a new or existing student of Jyotish?  Enhance your skills with private tutoring sessions designed to fit your level of knowledge.  For beginners, I offer a pre-designed curriculum, complete with homework assignments. For advanced students, choose topics or charts which you would like to study.  Rate: $60 per hour.  Email me to discuss the details and then schedule online.

Please note that in-person readings in CA are held in the East Bay (Berekely/Oakland area). YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO AN ONLINE SCHEDULING CALENDAR AFTER YOUR PAYMENT IS PROCESSED.

Chinese Astrology Reading

Rates effective January 15, 2017

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Pre-payment is required on all readings.  A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations and rescheduling requests. Otherwise, you will be charged the full amount for a cancellation and $50 for a rescheduling request.

DISCLAIMER: Vedic astrology, or Jyotish as well as Chinese astrology, are sciences which are thousands of years old.  All astrology readings are based on the interpretation of planets and symbolic patterns represented in your chart.  Astrology does not serve as a substitute for professional medical opinions, legal advice, expert financial guidance, or the use of your own best judgement and free will.  There is no guarantee of accuracy, outcomes or timing of events.  Please consult an expert in the field of your concerns before making a final decision.  By ordering an astrology reading, you agree that Madhavi Rathod is offering an opinion and is not responsible or liable for any decisions which you make based on the reading.  By ordering an astrology reading, you also agree that any Ayurvedic or health recommendations for a balancing program are strictly educational and are not intended as, or in replacement of, your primary health care practitioner(s) and their treatment. The recommendations are intended as balancing and strengthening to the physiology and are not intended as treatments for specific medical disorders. No attempt will be made to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical ailment.  You understand that Madhavi Rathod is not conducting a medical examination for you or anyone about whom you seek advice. You will continue to seek the advice of your primary health care practitioner and any other specialist with whom you have consulted. Additionally, you will not modify or suspend any treatment program that you are now receiving, based upon Madhavi Rathod’s suggestions.  By paying for an astrology reading reading and /or an Ayurvedic consultation, you agree to these terms.