Reflective Mindset Group is an online community which draws from ancient Vedic (East Indian) wisdom.  It allows you to partake in a guided forum and share your personal experiences with like minded people each weeks. Its intentions is to provide a supportive environment during  this turbulent time in our world history.  Amidst a sea of change, how do you stay afloat and navigate life’s opportunities and challenges successfully?  How do you follow your highest dharma? You will receive weekly resources to help you optimize your days and stay connected to your inner self.


You will receive guidance regarding:

  • Current astrological transits and how to weather them
  • Specific mantras and rituals to practice during these transits
  • Vedic astrology (Jyotish) principles for daily use
  • Recommendations of spiritual texts and chants to empower you
  • Seasonal Ayurvedic health regimens, including herbal supplements
  • Daily routine practices for your physical and mental well-being
  • Vegetarian dietary and meal preparation advice
  • Vaastu shastra tips for your home
  • Information on Vedic holidays and rituals for these times
  • Scriptural guidance
  • Meditation, hatha yoga practices, and pranayama
  • Guidance on proper Sanskrit pronunciation
  • Early access to public blogs on Vedic astrology or Indian festivals.
  • Much more!

We will meet via a closed Facebook group and Google hangouts.  New information will be shared weekly via the forum, Dropbox, and emails.  Go online at anytime to discuss your inner transformative process.Reflective Mindset Group (RMG) is moderated by Madhavi Rathod.  She will draw from a number of sources to provide you with the greatest insight at least bi-weekly. Members will be offered special discounts on her services at various times throughout the year. For those who know their Vedic astrology chart and planetary placements (In the Vedic system) as well as your planetary cycles, you will also be given detailed information throughout the year on which transits will be most important to you.

As a member you agree to:

  • Be respectful in your RMG communication
  • Create a culture of inclusiveness and safety
  • Honor all faiths, traditions, and views
  • Refrain from the use of profanity (in any language)
  • Not ask questions in the RMG on Facebook regarding your own Vedic astrology chart or that of family or friends.
  • Not seek personal health advice on illnesses or diseases for which you may be receiving medical treatment.
  • Respect the privacy of personal thoughts or experiences which members share in the RMG online.
  • Follow proper dharma and not share any RMG emails or Dropbox resources with non-members.
  • Understand that a violation of any of these will result in the discontinuation of your membership within the Reflective Mindset Group and no refund will be provided.


Just fill out the form below and then you will be directed to a secure payment website.  Make sure to include the email address you use on Facebook and Dropbox.  You’ll be added to the RMG Facebook group and then added to the email list.

The monthly investment is $29.95 per month, so approximately $1 a day!

Your credit card will be billed monthly via Stripe (a secure site) to Madhavi Rathod/ Vedic Healing.   You will be charged monthly, based on the date that you join RMG, not based on the monthly calendar.  You may cancel at any time by contacting Stripe.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before your next billing period, there is no guarantee that you will not be billed for that month.   There is no refund provided on the unused portion of a monthly subscription.

You must maintain a Facebook account, gmail account (if you want to participate in Google hangouts), and a free Dropbox account.  (You will be invited to join Dropbox if you do not have an account).We launch at the end of April, 2017, so get ready to set sail!

(please copy and paste your Facebook URL which appears after you login to Facebook)


Reflective Mindset Group Subscription
Total $29.95 / month
Payment Plan: Monthly






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