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Major Planetary Shifts Underway in Vedic Astrology

One of the greatest constants in our lives is change. Some changes are temporary, while other more dramatic shifts evolve through a slow, deliberate process. In a similar vein, planets in Vedic astrology or Jyotish have their own mode of imparting transformation. As my Jyotish teacher says, “A slow moving planet creates the longest lasting […]

The Facebook IPO: Is it the Best Date?

A  Vedic Astrology perspective  One of the most anticipated events in the financial world is the upcoming Facebook IPO, or initial public offering, of its stock.  The stock is scheduled to begin trading on Friday, May 18.  In Vedic astrology, the beginning of an event often determines its outcome. Careful attention is paid to picking an auspicious […]

The Celestial Messenger Communicates Via Snail Mail

The word ‘mercurial’ is defined on dictionary.com as: “changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic.”  In Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, Mercury is considered a dual planet; it wants to pursue two paths simultaneously. It enjoys having the best of both worlds. After the Moon, Mercury is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, staying in a sign less than a month. […]

The Red Planet Retrogrades

In Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, Mars, “the red planet” is considered somewhat of an anomaly amongst the planetary clan. It is the planet of action and always ready for battle. Mars, known as Mangala (“the auspicious one”) in Sanskrit, is the celestial warrior; adventuresome and fighting for a cause. Typically, Mars stays in a sign […]

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