November 28, 2012 Lunar Eclipse

Rahu and Ketu –

The November 28, 2012 lunar eclipse will be the last eclipse of the year. A lunar eclipse occurs when the full Moon is aligned with one of the lunar nodes (Rahu or Ketu). A full Moon happens whenever the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the zodiac. The nodes are always directly opposite each other. 

In this particular eclipse, with the Moon and South node Ketu in Taurus in Vedic astrology, it takes on a heightened significance.  A retrograde Jupiter is also in Taurus.  In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, a full Moon is considered to be a sign of planetary strength.   Each planet has a sign where it is considered exalted, or at its strongest point, as well as sign of debilitation, or when it is at its weakest point.  Polarities are playing out during the eclipse. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and Ketu is debilitated there.  An exalted Rahu is in Scorpio with the Sun. (There are varying schools of thought on where the nodes are considered strong and weak.)  Yet, when the Moon is involved in an eclipse, it is considered to be an additional sign of weakness in Vedic astrology.

Whenever the Moon and Ketu are together, it brings about the theme of questing for situations which can be larger than life. Rational thought takes a back seat to unquenchable desires. This can take on a spiritual bent with Ketu and Jupiter involved.   Fortunately, the wise Jupiter can ameliorate this situation. 

The Moon will be in the nakshatra or lunar constellation of Rohini (or Aldeberan) in Taurus, also known as “the eye of the bull”.  Rohini can bring about indulgence and narcissism when planets are negatively placed there.  The themes of being bull-headed and obstinate can also predominate in situations. And the transit is also happening in the fixed sign of Taurus, which is slow to promote change. Since Aldeberan is a such bright star, there’s a myth that the desert people looked at it for victory in war

During the eclipse, it has many choices of planetary costumes to wear.  Being the master of disguise, Rahu is skilled at the art of illusion. Be mindful about falling prey to something which is not what you had previously anticipated.

According to NASA, while the eclipse is visible in North America, Australia, Asia, and most of Asia. Locally, the lunar eclipse is occurring from 4:15 AM to 8:51 AM in the San Francisco bay area.

 The local timings of the eclipse can be found at:

Jyotish is the study of light and it strongly advises against looking at any eclipses. In a eclipse, the Sun and Moon are not able to perform their normal functions in the sky. Our vision of them is occluded.  The obstruction of these luminaries is a powerful event, but not one in which we should put our outward focus.  Many people will be asleep during the eclipse, but if they are not, then they can channel the powerful energy inwards. It makes for an ideal time to do spiritual practices. Ideally, one should not engage in any new undertakings within three days of the eclipse.