The Astrological Significance of 12/12/12

One of the limbs of Jyotish or Vedic astrology is muhurta, or selecting an auspicious time to inaugurate an event.  Much of the population is eagerly awaiting 12/12/12. It has significant implications numerologically and it’s the last time we will ever have three repeating dates for day, month, and year. However, the astrological significance of 12/12/12 is not so auspicious. Among other events, people are planning to marry or launch business endeavors or schedule C-sections for 12/12/12.

The science of muhurta involves complex calculations for the individuals concerned. And it get even more precise when marriage is at stake, as a host of additional factors must be evaluated for both parties. However, there are certain considerations which Jyotishis, or Vedic astrologers, are taught to assess in terms of muhurta. The core principle behind muhurta is that if we begin an endeavor with a firm and astrologically auspicious foundation, it has a greater chance of success or having a fruitful outcome.

Being a lunar based system, Vedic astrology is more concerned about the placement of the Moon than any other planet. Ideally, the Moon should be strong in any muhurta and well placed in relation to the Moon in the natal horoscope. On 12/12/12, the Moon is doubly weak. The Moon is debilitated, or at its weakest point, on 12/12/12, by virtue of its placement in Scorpio. Additionally, the Moon is at its darkest point and approaching a new Moon. For a strong muhurta, we want a bright, full Moon.

Moreover, the Sun and Moon are on the nodal axis.  They are with an exalted North node, Rahu, in Scorpio. (Not all jyotishis agree on where the nodes are exalted / debilitated). Rahu is exalted but also at zero degrees as it is about to make its entry into Libra later in the month. (The nodes always move backwards). This makes Rahu even more of a wild card.  When the Moon is with Rahu, the emotions can be led astray by unending desires and an overactive imagination.

Adding further intensity to 12/12/12 is that we also have Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. This makes for five out of nine planets in Scorpio.  Furthermore, a retrograde Jupiter is in Taurus, and thus looks at, or aspects Scorpio. And with the debilitated South node Ketu in Taurus as well, we now have two more planets influencing Scorpio. Multiple influences are at play, with various possible outcomes.

The intense and individualistic sign of Scorpio contains the nakshatra or constellation of Jyestha, in which the Sun and Moon will be placed on 12/12/12. Jyestha is a secretive nakshatra in which the themes of power and risk-taking can be prominent. Jyestha also requires a great deal of room to maneuver; it does not lend itself well to equal partnerships.

There is a concert for Hurricane Sandy relief scheduled for 12/12/12. Another theme of Jyestha is social welfare and care-giving. This benefit concert is well-timed.  

However, given the astrological significance of 12/12/12, it would be best to plan vital personal undertakings for another date.