Vedic astrology for August, 2015

free-wallpaper-1Vedic astrology or Jyotish is based on the notion of karma. The word karma literally means “to act”. Our actions create certain results. It may be as simple as that we get an education, which can lead to a potential job. Or, we decide to buy a house and we are then responsible for all else which accompanies it. If you examine your life, you can identify actions which you took, or decided not to take and the potential consequences which they had. This time in Vedic astrology for August, 2015 is a time when we can choose to make pivotal life decisions.

The first major event in Vedic astrology for August, 2015 is that Saturn comes out of retrogression in Anuradha nakshatra in Scorpio on August 2.  Have you revised your strategies? Made changes which will make you feel secure?  Have you worked out the intricacies of professional and personal group dynamics? How about your plan for those secrets which you have been keeping or the habits which you feel are best kept hidden?  Things may feel quite stalled as Saturn turns around, but by mid-month, Saturn is moving ahead at 60% of its normal speed.

thumb-101533-1807Have you felt the impact of Jupiter’s move into Leo?  How this manifests depends on your ascendant and what you have in Leo natally, as well as in Aquarius.  As I wrote on my Facebook page, Venus has gone into retrogression in Leo.  Jupiter and Venus are the two great benefics and they have taken up residence in Magha nakshatra. Mercury joins them August 4. The combination of these three benefics together in Vedic astrology for August, 2015 forms a Saraswati yoga, or a combination for education and learning.  This is particularly prominent if you are in a dasha and bhukti of two of these three planets and with an Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, or Sagittarius ascendant. With Magha, you may study ancient traditions or follow in the path of a family member or take on a course of study with a learned teacher in an oral tradition.  However, Saturn’s influence can create some instability to your educational and artistic endeavors.

Interestingly, Jupiter is in Leo, which is the fifth house of the zodiac.  The fifth house is a dharma house.  Jupiter is correlated with virtues, morals, and ethics.  And the symbol of Leo is the lion.  Lions have been getting a lot of press lately, and there has been discussion about the conservation of lions.

Another unusual event which takes place in Vedic astrology for August, 2015 are three consecutive planetary wars between the three benefics in Leo.  They start August 2 and end August 7.  There can be conflicting desires and impulses.  Jupiter follows the path of wisdom and discernment; Venus prefers luxury and the arts; Mercury has an analytical propensity but can act impulsively. In fiery Leo, there is the impulse to act, whatever you do.  With Magha nakshatra, much of the conflict may arise around family and finances. What path will you take and what are the potential consequences?  Details have been posted on my Facebook page.

Mars, the warrior planet is debilitated in Cancer for the entire month of August.  Mars feels stifled in Cancer.  Its usually path of aggression and dominance.  It gets muddled in watery Cancer and isn’t able to find its way out of the ocean of sentiment.  Cancer is the fourth house of the natural zodiac, which represents vehicles. So there may be more accidents or reckless drivers on the road than usual.  Aries and Cancer ascendants should be vigilant during their travels.


Rahu has entered the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni and will remain there for the remainder of its stay in Virgo, until January.  If you natally have Rahu here, or are in a Rahu cycle, then do not give into make impulsive purchases for items which satisfy the senses, but for which you have no real need. Be wary of romantic entanglements, especially with foreigners. They may present themselves to be something other than what they really are.  It’s a fine time to become involved with philanthropy, especially with an international organization.

The new Moon (amavasya) in Vedic astrology happens on August 14 in Cancer.  It takes place in the mystical and deep nakshatra of Ashlesha.  Ashlesha is known as  the star of entwinement.  The symbol of Ashlesha is a coiled snake and the deity is Ahi, the sky serpent.  In Western astronomy, Ashlesha is known as Epsilon Hydrae.  Hydra is a water snake. This constellation is composed of six stars that form a hexagon as characterized by a serpent’s head.  In Vedic mythology, the sarpas or the nagas were half serpent and half human.  They have tremendous strength and courage.  They are quick at entwining.  Ashlesha enjoys the multiplicity of experience.  A retrograde Venus joins the Sun and Moon in Cancer on the 14th, creating a hub of activity.  Things can be quite exaggerated, as the Moon is in its own sign, as well as new, and Venus is totally combust by the Sun.  Desires may be strong but it’s important not to go to extremes.  Focus on inner activities such as meditation or worshiping your ancestors.  If you have prominent placements in Ashelsha, be particularly mindful.

The Sun happily returns home to Leo for one month on August 17.  This is a time when you can tend to health regimens, seek wise counsel, and make plans for your children.  Family lineage and ancestry take on a greater role as both Jupiter and Sun occupy Magha nakshatra in Leo.  Scorpio ascendants may find stronger career opportunities for this month.

Mercury goes home to Virgo on August 23, where it is exalted.  It’s a good time to express your analytical abilities, create new strategies, and put your plans into action.

Varuna –

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for August, 2015 is on August 29 in Aquarius at 8:35 AM Pacific time.  It falls in the nakshatra of Shatabhisha. Unlike the shining full Moon, Shatabhisha is the star of concealment. Shatabhisha means 100 physicians.  It can mean that an illness requires 100 physicians to find the right cure. Shatabhisha conceals things that the truth of which are difficult to discover.  If you are having medical treatments this day, make sure that you obtain a second opinion.  Concurrently, this may also be the day in which the perfect cure is found.  The deity of Shatabhisha is Varuna, the god of the ocean.  In the pre-Puranic era, Varuna was the main God of the Vedas. He was not just the God of the ocean; he was the one that pervaded and created all. This full Moon is a day in which you can tune into your inner intuition and seek guidance from deep sources.

The month ends with a planetary war between a debilitated Mars and retrograde Venus in Ashlesha.  Passions run high and there is the desire to be entangled with another, while maintaining your privacy.

We can immerse ourselves deep waters of contemplation this month.  What will you unearth?  A Vedic astrology reading can help you navigate the vast ocean of change which awaits you.