Predictions for 2014 in Vedic Astrology

Each new year carries with it the implicit promise of a fresh start. If we can align ourselves with the planetary energies for the year, then we are better prepared to manage the dynamics which the year delivers.  Like 2013, 2014 will prove to be a transformative year. There are notable planetary placements occurring. Here is a sampling of predictions for 2014 in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish.

The most notable astronomical event of 2014 will be the alignment of Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in Libra.  Saturn and Mars create within themselves a sense of friction, of exactitude, of fire and ice coming together. There is little room for compromise. Rahu brings in the craving for excitement and an unquenchable appetite for whatever grabs its attention. Mars, Rahu, and an exalted Saturn will be together in Libra from February 4, 2014 to March 24, 2014.  Mars then turns retrograde into Virgo. The backward moving nodes change signs on July 12, 2014.  Rahu joins Mars in Virgo and Ketu enters Pisces.  The next day, Mars re-joins Saturn in Libra, and remains until September 4, 2014.  There is a Sanskrit saying, “Rahu vat Shani, Ketu vat Mangal.” Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars. The nodes also take on the flavor of planets influencing them or in whose nakshatra (constellation) they occupy. 

On a more positive note, dharmic, sattvic, and wise Jupiter will be exalted in Cancer from June 18, 2014 to July 15, 2015. Other notable transits are detailed in a previous blog post.

Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, uses the sidereal zodiac rather than the tropical zodiac, which is utilized in Western astrology. Hence, everything in your Jyotish chart shifts back approximately 24 degrees. When making predictions for 2014 in Vedic astrology, it’s simplest to examine this based on each individual’s lagna, or rising sign. You can pull up your free Vedic astrology chart here. Your planetary cycles (dasha and bhukti) will also be quite pertinent in determining what themes will be highlighted in your life.

For an Aries rising, the coming year continues to bring powerful opportunities for career and partnership. Yet, you find yourself dissatisfied with the various possibilities. There can be major conflicts with your partners, especially during the Mars/ Saturn conjunctions. You may be given positions of high responsibility. There is striving to balance personal and professional life.  Professional life takes precedence and your significant other may feel neglected. The second half of the year provides an ideal time for study, teaching, or foreign travel.

Taurus rising people need to be mindful of potential legal difficulties this year. There can be problems with competitors and subordinates. Literally watch your back.  Acute health ailments may arise, especially during the Mars/ Saturn conjunctions.  Quickly tend to any digestive difficulties during 2014.  It’s an ideal time to adopt healthier dietary habits and daily health regimens. This is a year when you can exercise your creative skills in the arts and communication fields, and excel here. There may be short travels for spiritual purposes.

Those with a Gemini ascendant can do well with public speaking during the second half of the year.  Family money can come your way.   If you were unable to review and augment the relationships your children in 2013, then there is the potential for conflict with them this year.  Alternately, they may find 2014 to be a very trying year. There may also be a misalignment with mentors. There is the possibility for initiation into a new spiritual path.  Your mind can be conflicted as you tax your analytical abilities and over-think situations. Your dual minded nature contributes to the confusion. While there may be some disagreements with your partner, the partner also achieves some notable success this year or in 2015.

Cancer ascendants who did not move, remodel, or redecorate in 2013, feel the itch even stronger for a change of scenery.  Finding your bliss is a major life theme in 2014.  There can be continued expenditures through vehicles. You may feel that your partner is too focused on his/ her career and feel he/she does not reciprocate properly in the relationship. When Jupiter is exalted in your ascendant, people will be instinctively drawn to you. There will be some type of fame or professional achievement.  People seek out your advice. Teaching comes naturally to you. You strive to act virtuously, more so than ever.

Leo lagnas who did not resolve their differences with siblings last year may face an even greater challenge in 2014.  Or, a sibling may face difficulty and this crisis provides you both with the opportunity to discover how you can best support each other. Issues with the division of property may arise. The second half of the year is an ideal time for spiritual retreats.  You also search for new ways to express your creativity.

Virgo rising signs must be vigilant with their speech during the Mars/ Saturn conjunction. Watch for conflicts within the family, as you decide the role which you want to play within your extended family.  Pay extra careful attention to your investments in 2014.  You can be very idealistic about your partner. The partner will achieve some success or notoriety this year.  Be watchful about developing unhealthy dietary habits this year. You can face unexpected dental expenditures during the first half of the year.

Libra ascendants will find 2014 full of change, often unexpected, as they did in 2013.  Avoid making major changes in your life during the Mars/ Saturn conjunctions.  You continue to reshape the way that your present yourself to others.  Strategies take on a dominant theme as you reshape and perfect them. You feel others cannot measure up to your expectations.  You can achieve great success in your profession.  One of your siblings will also experience good fortune in the coming year.

Of all 12 ascendants, people with Scorpio rising will likely have the most difficult year in 2014. If you did not properly re-strategize in 2013, then you feel your world is more rocked than ever. It’s a time when you must cut your losses and let go of outdated modes of behavior. Do some heavy housecleaning, both figuratively and literally.  Let go of whatever is not working.  2014 will be another year where you prefer to spend more time alone than socializing. You’ll be tempted to shut out people who truly care for you, but keep your loved ones close by to help navigate difficult times. It’s a time where spiritual practices and retreats serve you well. Strong teachers can emerge this year and provide you with wise guidance.  Your children will excel in some arena this year

Those with a Sagittarius rising will re-evaluate their participation in both social and professional organizations.   There can be conflict with older siblings, or they may face difficult circumstances, where your assistance will be required.  You seek new activities which will help you achieve your hopes and desires, but have a hard time finding the perfect mode of entertainment.  You can excel at research or studying ancient forms of wisdom during the second half of the year. There may be gain from an inheritance, an insurance policy, or a tax refund. Your partner will also benefit financially.   

Capricorn ascendants continue the theme of fine tuning their career in 2014.  You may have achieved a greater status last year, but are you completely overwhelmed by all the work you have to do?  Watch out for conflicts with supervisors during the Mars/ Saturn conjunctions. The latter half of the year is ideal for single people to find a partner, if you don’t let control issues get in the way.  You can also form trustworthy business partnerships in 2014.

Aquarius rising folks will find relationships with their fathers as a continuing theme for 2014.  There can be power struggles during the Mars/ Saturn conjunction.  It’s an ideal year for foreign travel, especially for spiritual purposes.  If you are looking to hire new employees, then you may find the perfect assistant in the latter half of the year. You will strongly re-evaluate your purpose in life and how to envision and shape your future. You’ll be motivated to incorporate more spiritual or religious practices as daily rituals. Professionally, you may associate with institutions of higher learning.

Finally, those with Pisces rising will continue the transformative process from the previous year.  Health must remain a priority for 2014.  If there has been difficulty finding the right diagnosis or medical provider, that situation improves in July.  You feel more energetic and vibrant as the year passes. Teaching, advising, and working with children will serve you well.  It’s an ideal year for studying ancient forms of knowledge or doing research.  You can learn a foreign language or become engaged in mantra repetition.  Allow your inner wisdom be your guide.

The preceding predictions for 2014 are general examples of what may happen for each ascendant in Vedic astrology. It’s also important to assess planetary cycles and the placement of individual planets in each chart. Contact me for an in-depth analysis of what 2014 may hold for you, so that you can plan accordingly.