Vedic Astrology for September, 2014

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology for September, 2014 sets a different tone than the planetary friction we experienced in August with the Mars and Saturn conjunction and planetary war. It contains a unique juxtaposition of powerful planetary placements. We also have some very notable holidays in the Vedic calendar this month.

The Mars Saturn planetary war brought us three major earthquakes worldwide plus other natural disasters.  It also increased political tension, including the US launching airstrikes against the ISIS group.  The good news in Vedic astrology for September, 2014 is that Mars and Saturn separate on September 4.  Mars enters its own sign of Scorpio and Saturn remains in its exaltation sign of Libra for two more months. This puts an end to the dynamic push pull phenomenon.  However, we now have two very strong maleficent planets which are free to have their way and they do so by teaching harsh lessons.  Saturn continues to impact relationships and create discord.  Mars is in secretive and intense Scorpio waging battles with lawsuits, manipulation, crises, and creating Pitta related health issues in terms of Ayurveda.  It’s still wise to exercise caution in your endeavors, especially in terms of where Mars and Saturn are transiting based on your natal chart.  Concurrently, these strong placements may bring advances in technology or manufacturing.

Exalted Jupiter continues to bless us with its wisdom and discernment, if we have the ability to hear its guidance.  Jupiter moves from the magnanimous, nurturing nakshatra of Pushya to secretive Ashlesha on September 3.  This can lead to very strong experiences in meditation or deep insights for those who follow spiritual paths.

Sun is in its own sign of Leo till mid month and shining brightly, giving Leo ascendants both strong vitality and prominence.  Scorpio ascendants may be given job promotions.  Sun joins Mercury and Rahu in Virgo on September 16, setting the stage for two eclipses in October.  Those of you in the Bay area are invited to join me for a free talk on the Vedic perspective of eclipses on October 1.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo and brings its analytical abilities, communication skills, and quick wit to those with a Virgo ascendant or in a Mercury dasha or bhukti. It also makes them pursue dual interests.  As Mercury is with North node Rahu, communication takes on a unique style; the imperative becomes to craft your words and writing in an eclectic way.  When Mercury and Rahu are the closest together on the 17th, there is the opportunity for the most unique expression of your ideas, as well as the potential for technological breakdowns.  Mercury joins Saturn in Libra on September 20, bringing communication and control issues to the forefront in partnerships, both personal and professional.

Venus in Leo heralds in the opportunity for love and romance for those with Leo or Aquarius rising and in a Venus dasha or bhukti. It enters its debilitation sign of Virgo on September 24, making it important to work extra hard at matters of the heart.

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for September, 2014 falls on September 8 in Aquarius in the nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada.  It’s a time when we can allow our creative potential to blossom  However, as the Moon represents our emotional mind and Purva Bhadrapada has a fierce side to it, we may be prone to overwhelming emotions of anger and frustration.

The new Moon in Vedic astrology for September, 2014 falls at 1:10 AM Pacific time on the 24th.  It takes place in Virgo in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni. It’s a time to be charitable and spend time with family.  Be very careful in your choice of new romantic partners as all may not be what it seems.  Do not take on too many projects or activities so that you wear yourself out.

Pitru Paksha, the time in the Vedic calendar dedicated to honoring our ancestors is from September 9 to 23. It’s a time when travel is ill-advised, except for spiritual or religious purposes.  New ventures should not commence during this time.  
Pitru Paksha is followed immediately by Navratri, the nine nights in the Vedic calendar dedicated to honoring the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.

Vedic astrology for September, 2014 contains three exalted planets as well as two planets strongly placed in their own sign from September 4 to the 16.  This lineup is very rare and may afford us many opportunities to make positive strides in our endeavors, as based on our individual birth charts.  A personalized reading will provide you with greater guidance on how to make the most of this time.