Vedic astrology for December, 2014

As we wrap up 2014, we can examine how the planetary placements in Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for December, 2014 are poised for us to lay a strong foundation for 2015.

Saturn and Mars have been participating in a parivartana yoga or a planetary house swap since November 27.  Saturn is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio, and Mars is now exalted in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  While these two malefics are not friendly towards each other, they both desire to uniquely express their personal will more than any other planets. With this placement, Saturn is also influencing Capricorn by its aspect (glance). There is this desire to “win” their perceived contests.  There can be the feeling that others are limiting their personal initiative. So, the agenda can become to make sure others fall in line and get the job done “the right way”.  It becomes a compulsive and exhausting project. This can especially play out in the arenas of health, career, and research endeavors during this transit.  Mars moves into Aquarius on January 4, 2015.

On November 30, Saturn entered Anuradha nakshatra and set the stage for coalitions to form and concretize their goals. People in a Saturn dasha or bhukti (planetary cycles) should pay particular attention to this transit as it lasts over one year.

It’s time to be vigilant about how clearly our written and spoken words are understood, as Mercury is once again blinded by the Sun’s rays from December 2 to 23. The most serious combustion is from now until the 13th. People in a Mercury/ Sun or Sun/ Mercury cycle should be most mindful.

Those who have been having an usually difficult time in the romance department the past two and a half months can get some relief, as Venus moves out of the Sun’s shadows on December 4.  The next day, Venus enters Sagittarius for approximately 3 weeks.  This can spell romance for Gemini and Sagittarius ascendants, especially if in a Venus dasha or bhukti.

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for December, 2014 falls on the 6th at 3:25 AM Pacific time. The Moon will be both full and exalted in Taurus, making it extra powerful. I will write more about this on my Facebook page.

Exalted Jupiter is currently moving at 30% its normal speed as it is going retrograde in Cancer for several months on December 8.  This will make Jupiter doubly powerful as it is exalted and retrograde. Changes will take some time as Jupiter will return to half its speed on December 21, and then 90% by year end. It can cause those in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti to re-evaluate their spiritual practices and further intensify them, or grant new opportunities in teaching or research.

In Vedic astrology for December, 2014, the action moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Mercury joins Venus in Sagittarius on December 13 and Sun moves into there two days later. These placements can generally make for a favorable time for advanced studies, meeting with spiritual mentors, foreign travel, publishing, and teaching.  When the Moon is there from the 21st to the 23rd, it’s an even fuller house. The winter solstice and final new Moon of 2014 falls on December 21 in Mula nakshatra.  I’ll further detail the best ways to spend this day on my Facebook page.

We end 2014 with two exalted planets (Jupiter and Mars) and no planets weak (debilitated or combust). This provides us the opportunity to start the new year with strong intentions and concretize them.  Think of your intentions for the coming year and how you can best align them with your astrological cycles and placements.

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