Jupiter in Ashlesha

Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati) - pinterest.com/pin/8233211795147904/
Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati) – pinterest.com/pin/8233211795147904/

In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, Jupiter has been exalted or at its peak of strength in Cancer since June, 2014.  Jupiter was previously in nurturing Pushya nakshatra and then went into Ashlesha nakshatra on September 2.  We will have Jupiter in Ashlesha for the duration of its stay in Cancer (mid-July, 2015).  On December 8, 2014, Jupiter turned retrograde in Ashlesha.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is called Guru.  Jupiter is known as the planet of wisdom, spirituality, fortune, optimism, philanthropy, generosity, and philosophy.  With Jupiter in Cancer, these themes can be activated in an individual’s life. Which ones come to the forefront will be dependent on your personal Vedic astrology chart.

Jupiter in Ashlesha nakshatra sets a very different tenor than Pushya.  Ashlesha often gets a bad rap in the Jyotish circles as an undesirable nakshatra.  Sometimes deservedly so, and other times when it shouldn’t.  Ashlesha can bring about undesirable circumstances for those those with prominent placements in this constellation. Planetary placements in Ashlesha need to be evaluated within the context of the whole chart.

Ashlesha is the star of entwinement.  The symbol of Ashlesha is a coiled snake. Ashlesha is known in Western astronomy as Eplison Hdyra.  Hydra is a water snake.  Ashlesha is composed of six stars that form a hexagon that resembles a serpent’s head.  The deity of Ashlesha is the Sarpas or the Nagas. The Nagas were the deities which were half serpent and half human. Ga means “to go” and is connoted with the senses.  Adding the prefix “Na”, Naga translates as “to not go”. Snakes have the ability to go where others can’t.  Ashlesha dominant individuals have very keen senses and are quite perceptive and intuitive, but as Ashlesha can cause afflictions, they can have defective eyesight, hearing or speech.

The sarpas were very courageous and strong. They could be both violent when seriously provoked, but also had a certain charm and elegance about them.  Jupiter is the teacher and associated with knowledge.  Jupiter in Ashlesha can bring great scientists, healers, and  researchers who can get to the root of illnesses or scientific phenomena.  It is important for Ashlesha dominant people to be of service.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are in water signs.  Jupiter is gandanta, or at the end of Ashlesha as it went retrograde.  There can be more issues or incidents with water, be it water-based accidents, flooding, water filtration issues, or water based illnesses.  These scientists’ skill will be greatly needed.   There are exceptionally heavy storms predicted for California on December 11 when the Moon is with Jupiter in Ashlesha.


Ashlesha is also connoted with the kundalini shakti, the spiritual energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine. It lies like a coiled snake until it is properly awakened by a Guru.  With exalted Jupiter in Ashlesha, this is an ideal time for strong spiritual experiences, particularly for those who follow a path associated with kundalini awakening.

Like a snake, Ashlesha can be quite mesmerizing.  They can use their words to manipulate. With Jupiter in Ashlesha and Saturn in Anuradha, teachers can emerge who command a very strong following, but have their own self-interest at heart. They can question everything, command authority and become like a demagogue. They know how to manipulate the code and provoke others. If they use their energy productively, they can become gifted agents for change.  As a witness to the current protests happening in the Bay area, it is undeniable that people are seeking change and an authority figure has to emerge.

Jupiter starts moving at 33% of its speed by mid-month and 70% by Christmas.  With Jupiter in Ashlesha being gandanta and turning retrograde, we have to be careful of our actions on an individual and global level. Jupiter is retrograde in Ashlesha until early April, 2015.  If you would like to know more of what Jupiter in Ashlesha can bring, and how to plan for the year ahead, schedule a personal astrology reading for yourself or a loved one.

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