Saturn in Anuradha nakshatra

Om Sham Shri Shanischaraya Namah

Saturn has been in Scorpio in Vedic astrology or Jyotish for one month.  On November 30, it moved out of Vishakha nakshatra and entered Anuradha nakshatra. Saturn in Anuradha nakshatra will carry on many of the same themes as Vishakha nakshatra.  Anuradha translates as, “the one who follows Radha”.  Radha is another name for Vishakha nakshatra.

Since Saturn is the ruler of the constellation of  Anuradha, Saturn will be in its own nakshatra.  Anuradha is the center of the three nakshatras (VIshakha, Anuradha, and Jyestha) in Scorpio.  All three have a certain intensity associated with them, as does Saturn innately.  Anuradha represents the four stars crowning the scorpion’s head in Scorpio.

The symbol of Anuradha is the lotus flower, which reflects the ability to persevere in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations.  The lotus grows in stagnant muddy waters but still flourishes as a flower which can be offered to the Gods.  After the lotus blooms, it returns to its origins and then regrows.  This is symbolic of the cycles of birth and death which we experience.

Like Vishakha, Anuradha has the same theme of laser focus. But, Vishakha has the ability to not be so blunt or confrontational.  They will dress up their request in a pretty package with a cherry on top.  Anuradha is known as the star of leadership or the star of success.

Saturn is driven by strategies;  Saturn in Anuradha will put success above all else. Even if a person who is in Saturn dasha/ bhukti in Vedic astrology does not attain their goal the first time, they stand poised for a do-over.  There is also the need to mentally prevail in a perceived battle, whether it be winning a contest or getting the last word in.

Radha & Krishna -
Radha & Krishna –

Anuradha nakshatra has two deities. One is Radha, the beloved of Lord Krishna.  Radha desired to merge with Krishna and so everywhere she went, all she saw was Krishna.  This again illustrates the single minded focus of Anuradha.  Anuradha is prepared to give up everything to attain its desired goal, whether it be love or something else.

The other deity of Anuradha is Mitra. Mitra is the God of friendship and partnership.  Mitra was the next leader of the Adityas after Varuna. Mitra operates on the principle that those united for a cause based on trust and ability can achieve more as a cohesive group rather than as one individual.

Saturn is known in Hindi as Shani Maharaj, and represents that which we shun in our lives. Saturn has a strong need for security and is usually a loner. For Saturn in Anuradha to cultivate friendship, it has to observe and assess if the prospective friend is trustworthy.

Anuradha has the ability to organize groups of people, as well as being able to unite with various groups of individuals based on principle that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Saturn is a disciplinarian, and Saturn in Anuradha will be able to act as a catalyst to organize cooperation to achieve a goal.  This may not always be for a noble cause.  There is the recognition that others’ skills are required to complete a task.
 We are likely to see new groups forming with a supposedly charismatic leader who will call the troops to action.  Beware of false gods, as Scorpio can represent secrets and intrigue. Ambition drives Saturn in Anuradha and while the leader can be quite learned, there is the tendency to anger easily when targets are not being attained.

As we have seen the recent riots due to the Ferguson decision, coalitions are forming. One person’s voice alone cannot be heard, but when there are a massive number of people, then the world pays attention.

Scandals are likely to arise with Saturn in Anuradha.  These may be financial as well as sexual in nature.  More and more will eventually come to light and the public will be forced to re-strategize its priorities rather shunning what Shani Maharaj has brought to the forefront. Transformation ensues, but at what price? This will be more likely after Jupiter leaves Cancer in July 2015 and is no longer influencing Scorpio.

Saturn remains in Anuradha until the end of 2015 and then re-enters Anuradha when during its retrogression in July 2016.  As this is a very long transit, all factors in your Vedic astrology chart need to be assessed to determine how Saturn in Anuradha will impact you. A personalized Vedic astrology reading can help you prepare for what lies ahead.

Om Sham Shri Shanischaraya Namah

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