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What Do We See in a Vedic Astrology Chart?

Accordingly to Vedic mythology, thousands of years ago, astrologers prepared a compilation (a samhita) of all the horoscopes of everyone who would ever be born and each individual’s future births as well. The Gods became angry at how this information was being used and cursed astrologers to always disagree. It seems to hold true to […]

One Month Into the New Year

January has moved along, like the gusty winds of winter.  It’s carried in some unanticipated directions.  It’s blown open some new doors of possibilities and made us close others which we’ve had to force open. The year has heralded in some much needed change. We’ve embraced hope again and ready for the dawn of a […]

Being Resolute

Happy New Year 2009! It’s that time of year again.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s certainly been on your mind. It’s what everyone is talking about, next to how fast 2008 went by. Yup the question to ask is: What are your new year’s resolutions?  It’s a lot easier to ask than answer. […]

From Wrong to Right

It’s easy at the end of a year to focus on what didn’t happen – which resolutions you didn’t keep, how much weight you didn’t lose, what projects you didn’t complete, the soul mate you didn’t meet, etc. It’s human nature and it’s second nature to look at the half empty glass at the end […]

Happy Holidays!

Sending some holiday cheerTo you and those you hold dear May you have a festive holiday seasonAnd celebrate for many a reason As the holiday lights shimmer and glow, May circumstances in your life start to smoothly flow May abundance display its many facesMay your worries dissipate and leave no traces Set your intentions strong […]