One Month Into the New Year

January has moved along, like the gusty winds of winter.  It’s carried in some unanticipated directions.  It’s blown open some new doors of possibilities and made us close others which we’ve had to force open.

The year has heralded in some much needed change. We’ve embraced hope again and ready for the dawn of a new era. Just as the change in leadership has altered the world looks at us, we are also changing the way that we look at our world. There is the audacity of hope for what lies ahead. Circumstances may be trying, but we know that we can weather the storm.

The passing of the first month of the year marks a critical juncture where we can continue with old patterns or reinforce the positive changes that will carry us forward for years to come. We must be willing to drop old patterns of being and doing that have outlived their usefulness.  As we continue to evolve, the way that we interact with our inner and outer worlds must change in accord with that.

We think that the weather holds us back from changing our exercise patterns or shopping more regularly at the health food store.  We put off appointments to the dentist or the chiropractor or acupuncturist till there are more hours of daylight. We wait for the change in season and when that is heralded in, we have to book our vacations, attend family and social events and put everything on hold once again.

The cycle continues and we forget our goals and priorities. This is the ideal time to re-evaluate your priorities. What is your vision for the year? How willing are you to commit to make it a reality? Can it wait another year? Another month? Another week? In Latin, there’s a saying, “Carpe diem.” It means, “Seize the day!” Embrace the opportunities that are presented and take hold of the reins of your life.

Just as the new administration is wasting no time in making changes to the global, socio-economic and political environment, we can also forge ahead without restraint on the road to a brighter future. We can no longer put off what needs to be done. We must examine situations which we’ve been reluctant to handle as they are too sensitive, too delicate, too messy, or too tough. Knowing that the problem won’t just go away, it is time to take action. Take the high road and brave the winter cold and storms. You’ll come out a stronger and happier person once you do.

If you’ve made new year’s resolutions, review those and decide which ones you wish to prioritize. Commit to re-visiting your vision daily and re-affirming what your ideal life is like. Seek advice where needed. Exercise good judgment. Work with clear and dharmic intentions. Act in accordance with what is uplifting for both yourself and for humanity. Create a community of trust and support. Remember you are a reflection of the company that your keep. This includes your thoughts. Make a diligent effort to re-program the negative circuitry.

It is the dawn of a new era – both nationally as well as for us individually. Yes we can!