Happy Holidays!

Sending some holiday cheer
To you and those you hold dear

May you have a festive holiday season
And celebrate for many a reason

As the holiday lights shimmer and glow,
May circumstances in your life start to smoothly flow

May abundance display its many faces
May your worries dissipate and leave no traces

Set your intentions strong and clear
And implement those choices throughout the year

May you be firm in your resolve
May your perceived limitations dissolve

May you stand in your own light
And have a year that’s very bright

As the new year arises,
May it be filled with pleasant surprises

May you take time for what makes your heart sing
May your cherish the blessings that the year will bring

May the new year have a beautiful start
May you give with all your heart

May your vision for 2009 bear fruit
As you stand in your own truth

Here’s hoping that 2009
Turns out to be a year that’s truly divine