Farewell to the Big O!

On November 20, people all over the world were saddened to hear about the impending loss of an old friend. Someone whom they had gotten to know over the last 25 years was going to be moving to another realm. It garnered much media attention as there were not only emotions, but also millions of dollars at stake.

Yes, Oprah Winfrey is ending her uber-successful talk show in 2011.  She had bought her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) TV cable channel in 2008. The yet-to-be-launched network will mark the next phase of her career.

Astrologically many factors have contributed to this decision. Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 at 4:30 AM in Kosciusko, MS.  In jyotish (Eastern or Vedic astrology), Oprah has a Sagittarius ascendant. Sagittarius is a fire sign, known for its expansive activity and is symbolized by the archer. Her ascendant is in the nakshatra or constellation of Mula. Mula is symbolized by a bunch of roots tied together. One of the traditional meanings of Mula is being pulled up by one’s roots and having to be re-planted. Thus it connotes major reversals of fortune in one’s life. Oprah started out in poverty and has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

Oprah’s 10th house of career and social status is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Oprah is currently experiencing her Sun dasha (major astrological cycle) and her Mercury bhukti (astrological sub-cycle). Sun and Mercury are natally located in her 2nd house, which indicates speech and money, among other significations. They form a raj yoga (combination for pre-eminence). Thus, the announcement has garnered further media attention.

Saturn transiting her 10th house of career causes her to analyze and re-strategize her career. This combination also triggers a rise in her status. It’s likely that many awards and accolades will be given to Winfrey on the heels of this announcement. Honorary degrees may be conferred upon her.  She may receive a Presidential appointment to a task force or committee or take on an honorary ambassador type role.

When the announcement was made, Sun and Mercury were both transiting Scorpio, her 12th house. The 12th house connotes endings and “loss”.

This loss is likely to translate into visible gains for her. While Oprah may be disappearing from public TV, there’s no doubt that the move to cable TV will keep her in the public eye. There will be a tidal wave of media coverage when the network begins airing and she will undoubtedly make it her OWN.

When the OWN network is launched in January, 2011, Oprah will be entering her Venus bhukti. Sun and Venus form a dhana yoga (combination for wealth) in her second house. Both planets are placed in the nakshatra of Shravana, which is connected with orally transmitted knowledge. Shravana is ruled by the Moon, which is located in Oprah’s 12th house in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Mars is also natally placed in Scorpio in her chart.

One meaning of the 12th house is expenditures, so while Oprah will make financial gains, there will be concurrent expenditures. These may come in the form of large investments. The 12th house also indicates foreigners, so Oprah will likely make sizeable charitable contributions to international relief organizations.

The Moon rules Cancer, which is Oprah’s 8th house. One indication of the 8th house is health issues. Moon and Mars are placed in the 12th house, which also symbolizes hospitalization. Since Mars is an indicator for surgery, she may undergo an operation. However, with Mars well-placed in her chart, she will come out of any health crisis without great difficulty.

Oprah begins her 10 year Moon dasha in the fall of 2011. Her Moon and Mars conjunction form a Chandra-Mangala yoga, another combination for wealth. Oprah’s Moon is situated in the nakshatra of Anuradha, which is known for uniting groups of people for a common cause or goal. One feature associated with a Chandra-Mangala yoga is involvement in activities related to or geared towards women. Oprah will focus on her girls’ school in South Africa and may choose to expand its operations or establish similar institutions in other areas. This process won’t be without its trials and tribulations, as the Moon rules the 8th house of scandal. Although her activities may be put under a microscope, resulting in some sleepless nights for Oprah, she will ultimately be successful in her endeavors.