From Wrong to Right

It’s easy at the end of a year to focus on what didn’t happen – which resolutions you didn’t keep, how much weight you didn’t lose, what projects you didn’t complete, the soul mate you didn’t meet, etc. It’s human nature and it’s second nature to look at the half empty glass at the end of the year.

When those champagne glasses are clinked on new year’s eve, the glass is full and we are focusing on what will happen and setting our sights high. We are not thinking, this is the year where I won’t do this and I won’t accomplish that. Not at all; we are looking ahead. We are focusing on accomplishments.

So pretend that this is new year’s eve, if need be. Let’s conduct a year end review. Focus on what you did accomplish. Focus on the little and large things that you manifested. How was your intuition honed? What acts of kindness did you practice? You may not remember, but the recipient is not likely to forget them.

Do you have any new skills at the end of this year that weren’t there on 365 days ago or even two months ago?

So you could easily iterate all the challenges that showed this year. The ones that you thought you’d never survive. Well, even if they are not completely over, you are still standing. The financial crisis has come and continues, but you have managed thus far. There may have been challenges with health, or relationships or family problems. Think of how you’ve been pro-active in certain situations when you would have just been reactive in the past.

If problems did not present themselves, we would not learn and grow from them. We would continue to be stuck in the same old rut. The rut that we resolve to get ourselves of every year. We wouldn’t evolve spiritually or emotionally. We could not use our painful experiences to help others. We would not have worldly wisdom which can’t be gained from a book, cd or podcast. The school of hard knocks only hands out diplomas to those who play on the rough and tumble streets.

At the end of the year, take a few minutes, and select your beverage of choice. Here’s to the year that was, for better and for worse. On new year’s you can toast the year that will be. It’s a fresh new slate, but you’re a better person than a year ago. All that you’ve experienced has left an indelible mark on you and guided you in your ongoing spiritual evolution.