Saving it up for a rainy day

There’s the old adage, “Save it for a rainy day”.  It refers to holding on to something in the event that it might be needed. Commonly, it refers to hoarding your pennies or dollars for future occasion.  However, it can also be applied to other situations as well.  We all have things that we hold on to for future occasions.  Some of collect plastic dining ware, others keep boxes, some keep clothes that they hope to fit into again, while yet others have tons and tons of catalogs.  Whatever the item(s), we all have our reasons for why we have held onto what occupies more space, time and energy than is typically necessary.

If we look at the root cause of holding on to items that we don’t really need, the real reason is usually something other than what we think it is.  It may be a sense the item represents something to us symbolically and keep more of that around helps us feel better.  Or, it may be that the object gives the person a sense of security.  What if it’s the trendy thing to have lots of bracelets or earrings or more cars than you will ever need?  There’s the desire to fit in, to look good, to do what others whom you admire or wish to emulate are doing.

And it’s easy to say that it’s not hurting anyone or causing any trouble, so what’s the big deal?  On one hand, nothing.  Yet, on the other hand, a lot.  Have you considered how much time has been spent on acquiring the items?   How much energy is required for their storage and upkeep?  What about keeping the item current or trendy?  Are things too crammed in your home because there’s no place to put anything anymore?

With the rainy season upon us, many rainy days are presenting themselves.  Days where it is conducive to stay indoors.  Days when there are storms and it’s best not to have the ty or computer on all day.  There are days when the power is out.  These may be good times to reflect on what you are holding onto and why.