Another Type of Fall Cleanse

Fall is a great time to rejuvenate and detox the body.  Many people take a retreat or undergo a cleanse at home. What we do with our outer environment is reflected in our inner environment.  If our home is a mess, we feel more stressed than if it is tidy.  There’s no worry if people drop by unexpectedly or where you put what.  If we over-schedule our days, then there’s a greater sense of anxiety and feeling of wanting to accomplish more than we are actually capable of handling.

 So while rejuvenating your body, set aside another time to refresh your outer environment. Get rid of those newspapers and magazines that have piled up and that you are not going to read.  Call the catalog companies that keep sending you booklets that you never requested.  Save some trees and reduce clutter simultaneously.  Go through your computer and delete files and folders that you don’t need.  Freeing up space on your hard drive will improve your computer’s performance.

 Set up a filing system if you don’t have one already.  If there are files that are overflowing, then see what non-essential items are there. If needed, separate files into more specific sub-topics.  Invest in an organizational system for your office, bedroom, storage closet, hall closet, garage, or whatever needs it.

Open the fridge.  Check your expiration dates and see which items need to go. For items that you are good but you know you are not going to use, give them away.  This includes food, dish towels, dish sets, all those miscellaneous mugs, silverware, plastic ware, etc.

Go through the closet.  Anything that still has tags on it years later needs to be given to a friend or to charity.  Is it time to get rid of your favorite pair of sweats or jeans that are too worn out?  For clothing that doesn’t suit your style anymore, find a new home for it.  Separate clothes into sections that divides casual and dressy.

Are there records or cds or tapes or 8 tracks that really need to go?  How much space are they taking up?  How about putting some of those home movie video tapes onto dvd?  Get a storage system for your music. Consider organizing it by genre or alphabetically.

 Set aside specific times to do these activities and avoid other distractions during this time.  Your home will look just as great as you feel after the cleanse process.  Then it will be a cause to rejoice!