Mercury retrograde November, 2019

The final Mercury retrograde of the year is from October 31 through November 20, 2019  Vedic astrology or Jyotish offers a somewhat varying perspective than Western astrology. In Vedic astrology, retrogression makes a planet stronger. This Mercury retrograde November 2019 will span two signs and provides Mercury the opportunity to keep company with four other planets.

Mercury deals with communication (oral, written and technological), commerce, short trips, the intellect, education, and the nervous system in Vedic astrology. How this all plays out individually is contingent on your personal horoscope. You want to know what houses Mercury will be transiting during its retrogression and what they signify for you. It also depends on where Mercury is located in your birth chart. What other planets will Mercury be with in your natal chart as it moves? The answers will vary from individual to individual.

Mercury retrograde July, 2019


Just as this Mercury retrograde commences, Mercury and Venus are in an exact conjunction. In Vedic astrology, this pairing is  known as a planetary war or graha yuddha.  These two planets exhibit varying strategies. Venus is artistic, creative and luxurious. Mercury is analytical, quick, and witty.  Venus wants to enjoy the finer things in life, while Mercury wants to mull things over.  

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury retrograde November and December 2018A favorable aspect of Mercury retrograde November 2019 is that Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are together in Scorpio through November 5th. This combination forms a Saraswati yoga – or an excellent combination for learning and the arts.  This is an ideal time to study, sing, practice mantras, play musical instruments, or write.

Scorpio indicates transformation, occult subjects, health, and secrets, to name a few significations. This can be an ideal time to review your health regimens and take charge of any chronic health ailments.

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, it  influences the house of speech.  Intense speech stemming from frustration can arise. For example, you can feel an urgency to get things done to alleviate a difficult situation. Thus, it’s vital to be mindful of how our communication’s delivered and received. Think before you speak/write/ tweet/text. There is emphasis on the thinking mind in communication, but the thoughts may be repetitive.

With Mercury also controlling the intellect, it may take longer than usual to get clarity on situations.  Retrograde planets are seemingly moving backwards in the sky. They are retracing their previous route. Retrogression connotes the notion of repetition, renewal, and revisiting of situations.

Mercury retrograde November 2019 in Libra

On November 7th, Mercury retrograde moves back into Libra, where it joins a debilitated Sun and fiery Mars. The symbol for Libra is the merchant’s scales. Mercury’s also the indicator for commerce. Libra is associated with partnerships – both personal and professional. 

Mercury is powerfully able to use its versatility and intellect to create business opportunities for itself. With Mercury retrograde November 2019, there is the potential for communication to be stalled or for disruptions in communication. 

There can also be misunderstandings with a significant other. Mercury retrograde in Libra can create ambivalence regarding commitments and relationships. 

However, this Mercury retrograde November 2019 is not the ideal time to commence a new business or partnership, especially so if you’re in a Mercury planetary cycle in Vedic astrology or have Mercury in Scorpio or Libra in your Vedic birth chart. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, there can be the refining and rewording of contracts with business partners.  

Mercury retrograde and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Mercury is our majja dhatu or our nervous system. Mercury’s retrogression can make us even more sensitized, so that people or situations can “get on our nerves” more than usual.  When Mercury is combust we can literally “feel fried”.  Be careful not to overtax yourself during these days. 

Mercury likes to move swiftly; when it slows down, we get frustrated and our nervous system is more taxed.  Ayurveda offers herbal tablets, Ayurvedic tinctures, and herbal powders to help deal with stress and anxiety.

Tips for managing Mercury retrograde November, 2019

  • Chant a mantra for Mercury
  • Worship goddess Saraswati
  • Practice satyam – speaking the truth
  • Be very careful of new partnerships
  • Pay particular attention on Wednesdays, the day associated with Mercury
  • Request delivery receipts on important emails and postal mail
  • Backup any important information on your computer, phone, etc.
  • Take care of any overdue health care checkups
  • Consult health care practitioners on methods to support your nervous system 
  • Pay close attention to your nervous system health; do not overtax it
  • Don’t make any life-altering decisions at this time; if you must, get a second opinion
  • Eat green mung beans, the lentil associated with Mercury
  • Make time for study to keep your intellect sharp

The most problematic part about a retrogression cycle is when a planet goes from being direct (forward motion) to retrograde or from being retrograde to being direct.  The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the impeachment resolution on the first day of Mercury retrograde.

I’ll write more about Mercury retrograde on my Facebook pageThe specific methods for handling Mercury retrograde November 2019 depend on the placement of planets in your personal chart.  Additionally, planetary cycles have to be factored in to determine how you can utilize this time to your advantage, and what cautions may be warranted. A reading will take all these details into consideration.