Jupiter in Sagittarius

One of the biggest moves of the year is about to take place today. It is the movement of Jupiter from Scorpio in Sagittarius. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius is known as Guru sankranti Dhanu rashi. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is known as Guru. It is the planet of wisdom, spirituality, fortune, optimism, philanthropy, teaching, generosity, and philosophy.  Which ones come to the forefront for you will be dependent on your personal chart. As a planetary significator, Jupiter is representative of children and teachers.


Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, so it’s happy to be back home.  While those in a Jupiter planetary cycle will most feel the effects of Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are all influenced by this transit as Jupiter stays in a sign for approximately one year and leaves its mark.  In Sanskrit, Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati, the teacher of the Gods. This time with Jupiter in Sagittarius can be ideal for studying ancient topics with a learned teacher.


As Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, it joins Saturn and Ketu there.  While Jupiter and Saturn are neither friends nor enemies, but neutral to each other, they use very different strategies. Jupiter enjoys being with people, while Saturn is more of a loner. Jupiter sees the bright side of things, while Saturn sees the darker side. So, while Jupiter may bring some stability to Saturn, the converse can also be true. Ketu tries to keep things in motion, and Jupiter may want to change the scenario. Thus, it can be a battle of wills in terms of right action. 


As the ninth house of the natural zodiac, Sagittarius is the highest house of dharma (right action).  As you see seek to define and strategize about your place in the world, you will attempt to do so in a Jupiterian fashion of seeking higher truths and education. 

    • The opportunity to align with your life’s purpose
    • Greater activism for legal rights 
    • Renewed enthusiasm for equality and righteousness
    • Time for fresh starts 
    • The invitation to see challenging situations in a more positive light
    • Turning to spirituality or religion in the search for higher truths
    • Various opportunities to study with foreign teachers
    • Planning and visioning your strategies for personal improvement
    • Taking trips to foreign lands, often for purpose of seeking higher knowledge
    • Renewed interest in the pursuit of higher education

Sagittarius is symbolized by an archer who’s pointing his bow high. He has great aspirations and a competitive streak.  Additionally, Sagittarius is a fiery sign creating dynamic activity.  Sagittarius is ruled by the great benefic, Jupiter.


As I had written in my blog last year, Jupiter in Scorpio would bring “a greater focus on the plight of children and the trauma they have faced.” 

The horrific treatment of immigrant children and their stay in detention centers without proper food, care, legal representation, etc. will return to the forefront.  More legal groups will take up this cause. However, Jupiter’s first foray into Sagittarius is in the constellation of Mula, which carries themes of being uprooted and replanted. We’re likely to see more immigrant children being adopted by American families. Jupiter transits out of Mula on January 4th. After that, we can expect further progress towards correcting this inhumane situation.


The time when a planet moves from a water sign (Scorpio) to a fire sign (Sagittarius) is called “gandanta”.  It is typically a very unstable time in the world and we should exercise caution both on an individual and a global level.  It’s been evidenced by all the fires, earthquakes, and political instability, to name a few instances.  Jupiter comes out of gandanta on November 22nd.

Tips for handling Jupiter in Sagittarius:

  • Be charitable, especially to organizations which support children
  • Vision for your future and take concrete steps to get there
  • Create healing alliances with foreigners
  • Study religious and philosophical texts
  • Take a religious/ spiritual pilgrimage
  • To handle mental stress, take Mental Clarity tablets
  • Know where your natal Jupiter is and what you have placed in Sagittarius, and the impact on your life.
  • Chant mantras to the planet Jupiter (Guru graha)
  • Chant a mantra for Moola nakshtara

As we all have our own unique charts, there are hundreds of combinations for what Jupiter in Sagittarius will ignite. If you would like to learn what this period portends for you, please take the opportunity to schedule a Vedic astrology reading.

Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius







Thursday is the day associated with Jupiter, thus spiritual activities done on Thursdays may be enhanced. Jupiter is associated with the color yellow, fruit bearing trees, sattvic foods, ghee (clarified butter), raw honey, dates, berries, squash, pumpkin, cream, sugar canes, and garbanzo beans (chick peas).  In Vaastu Shastra, it is recommend that your puja or alter be placed in the Northeast corner of your home. You can make offerings to your spiritual teacher with these items or give dakshina, especially on Thursdays. 

Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until November, 2020. In the interim, it goes retrograde and move into Capricorn from March 29th to June 29th, 2020.   I will post more about Jupiter’s transit on my Facebook page. The last time we had Jupiter in Sagittarius in Vedic astrology was November, 2007 to December, 2008 .  Jupiter will not return to Sagittarius again until 2031.  To make the most of the time with Jupiter in Sagittarius, consider having a Vedic astrology reading to guide you through this powerful transit.