Letting go and letting G(o)od

We really try and control situations in our lives. We want to know what will happen, how, and when.  We want every detail so we can plan ahead, so that we can avoid surprises. We want to be the one in charge, not someone who gets surprised.  We want it the way we like it, not another way.

It’s easy to say that we are flexible and open-minded and can “go with the flow”.  When the tide starts flowing in the opposite direction, see who puts on the life preserver first or runs to the lifeguard.  It’s often confusing what we are meant to do in life.

In Vedic astrology or jyotish, we speak about the 4 aims of life: dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.  Dharma is doing our duty in life.  Kama is participating in pleasurable activities, and moksha is freedom from the cycle of death and re-birth.

Artha relates to security.   Security can take multiple forms: food, shelter, clothing, money, etc.  It’s the knowledge that we have what we need and that it’s not going anywhere anytime.

Certain things in life are fated and yet we can also exercise free will in our lives. There’s a destination that we have to reach, but we can control how we get there. We can walk, bike, take a cab or bus or motorcycle, skateboard, car, hitchhike…

What we encounter along the way on the journey is part of the lesson.  Whenever there’s a sharp turn or a speed bump, we hold our breath, anticipating any danger which may lie ahead.  Sometimes we cling so tightly to something that we are afraid to lose that we can barely breathe. It may help to loosen the grip and let your circulation return to normal.

Something good may be awaiting, yet we’re too busy wondering and worrying about negative outcomes that nothing positive is allowed to express itself.

How often do people use expressions such as, “This will never last.” “I can’t believe this happened.” “I always have bad luck.”“Good things never happen to me.”  What about putting a positive spin on things for a change?

It’s beneficial to plot our journey and set a course for ourselves, yet we cannot micromanage every detail along the way.  Unanticipated events may unfold.  When they do, attempt to remain on course, yet be open to what the hidden blessings it may contain.

Don’t be so easily swayed when the tide changes.  Remain constant in your vision and goals.  See what new doors may have opened as time goes by and see what unearthed treasures may have been brought in by the high tide.