Playing Mind Games

Our mind can get the best of us at times and starts playing mind games. This occurs often more frequently than we may be aware of or we are willing to admit.

We think we must have something or do an action because of the mind. We obsess on it until it’s achieved or there’s some resolution to the situation.  If things don’t happen the way that we’d like, then we go over the details over and over again, like a non-stop ferris wheel.  You get on it, but can’t get off and it gets really tiresome seeing the same scenario each time we go around.

Someone has to turn it off and that someone is you. You are the passenger and the agent in charge of the machine.  You can stop the repetitive thought process. 

When the mind wants to re-visit another situation or idea or repeat the same thought pattern over again for the 1,000th time, you can pull the lever and then choose another option. You can say, “I choose not to go there this time.  This doesn’t serve me and I’m going to get off this ride.”

This mental reprieve may last for 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days. Whatever the length of time, just stand firm in your resistance and refuse to engage the mind.  If it does what it does, then once it’s done, don’t ponder over the details again and again.  It gets you nowhere, as you know.

Find some positive activity to focus on that can be tied to a specified outcome. Perhaps give yourself a time limit to achieve said outcome.  Stay focused and stay on track and stay away from mind games.