Reflecting on the Art of Rejuvenation

If you have taken some time for yourself and done something for you, how has it been? Have you been able to fully enjoy it?

Or did you let other priorities get in the way?  Maybe you did something that you wanted to do; something that others don’t relate well to or that doesn’t “fit” the idea that others have of you.

Maybe you spent more time, energy or money on an activity than you normally would. Did it bring you some happiness or peace of mind?  It’s great to be the giver, but it’s also nice to receive once in a while.  Often we stay on one side of the equation, rather than creating a balance.

Only when we take time to replenish ourselves and nourish our souls can be heal our bodies from the inside.

Rejuvenation doesn’t have to be expensive but it can still weigh on us.  Guilt can creep in easily as can the dictums of “do this” and “don’t do that”.

Those rules seem to be set in stone and we can’t recall when they were originated. Yet we cling to them for dear life. They offer us some security and some strange sort of comfort. We know what is expected and what is not. We know what is permissible and when we’re coloring outside of the lines. But coloring outside the lines never hurt anyone. It’s a chance to express who you are and to feel what you truly feel. The only permission you really need is your own.

If no one has been neglected or hurt and no disaster has befallen you as a result of some time for “me”, then relax and enjoy what you did (or better yet, didn’t do because you were taking a pause from your normal routine).

Give yourself permission to do it again (or do nothing for once).