Prioritizing for the Month Ahead

As another month draws to a close, we can pause and reflect on the month that has passed and look ahead to the upcoming month.

Just as the month is changing, the season is changing and it unfolds new possibilities for us. The days are getting longer, there is more sunlight and it’s getting warmer in most places. More time can be spent outdoors and getting fresh air and exercise.

With a quarter of the year over, you can re-examine your new years’ resolutions, goals or intentions and see what needs to be re-evaluated or re-iterated.

Set some priorities for the coming month, both personal and professional.  Once you’ve prioritized, put them aside and take another look at them and see if there’s anything you’d like to alter.  See if you’ve put some “down-time” as a priority.

And where do you fit in on the priority list?  We all strive for self-improvement, but if we continually put anything and everything above ourselves, then how can we truly evolve?

Sometimes it’s a fine line between being true to ourselves and being kind to others.  Only when we take time to reflect and rejuvenate can we stand in our true power and then be in a position to best assist others.