Re-Acting to Situations

The word react means that we “re-act” to a situation or stimulus.  We have developed a certain conditioning to an external event which triggers something internally. We react and have a “re-action”.  We display the same behavior over and over again. Often, this is a self-defeating pattern.

If a situation is recurring over and over again, then it may be beneficial to pause next time it occurs. Rather than reacting, take a moment to first acknowledge what your reflexive reaction is likely to be.  See if you can alter it in that split second.  Try another path.  Just be with what is.  Or, see if you can find a lesson in all of this.  See if there is even a hidden blessing.  Even if you can’t alter it, then take time to witness what the reaction was, and then don’t react to the reaction.  You may be better prepared next time.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  So, if we wish to change the outcome, we must re-think and re-define our strategy and approach to a situation.

Once we stop reacting, we can finally change self-defeating patterns. This will help us move along our life path more consciously.