Venus and Jupiter Exchange Houses


The notion of trading homes has become increasingly popular.   In the system of Vedic Astrology, Venus and Saturn have participating in a house swap since the end of January.  Saturn has been situated in Libra, whose landlord is Venus.  Venus has been occupying Capricorn and then in Aquarius, both of which are owned by Saturn.  This house swap ends today (March 17, 2013), as Venus moves into Pisces.   Venus enters into a new mutually beneficial arrangement with Jupiter, who rules Pisces.  Jupiter is currently residing in Taurus, which is owned by Venus.  When two planets (Venus and Jupiter) exchange houses, this is known as a parivartana or mutual exchange.

In Vedic Astrology, Pisces is the sign in which Venus is considered to be exalted, or at its highest point. It’s as if Venus is staying at a four star spa.  Here, it can enjoy the luxurious comfort to which it accustomed.

In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, planets can be classified as natural benefics or natural malefics. Benefics are the planets which possess the capacity to deliver results which we deem as favorable. Malefics can bring forth experiences which we would prefer not to experience. The top benefics are Venus and Jupiter.


Jupiter is called Guru in Sanskrit. One meaning for Guru is a spiritual teacher; another meaning is large. Jupiter is the mantri, or the advisor. It is charismatic, enthusiastic, generous, and adheres to dharma or moral codes of conduct. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and discernment.

Venus signifies beauty, love, romance, the arts, luxury, one’s partner, and vehicles. Venus enjoys the finer things in life and has a bright, opulent, and poshly furnished home.

While Venus and Jupiter are considered to both be advisors in Vedic astrology, they are not necessarily the best of friends.  In Vedic mythology, Jupiter was the advisor to the devas, or the Gods.  Venus was the advisor to the asuras (loosely translated as demons).   Jupiter is driven by sattva, while Venus is motivated by rajas.

Depending on which house Pisces is situated in your astrological chart, Venus will vibrantly display its rich tapestry. For an individual with an Aquarius ascendant, Pisces becomes the second house of the zodiac, which also has signifies clothing and pieces of art.  Thus, this person may buy fine silks, elegant jewelry, or foreign artwork.  If a person is a Sagittarius ascendant, then Pisces becomes the fourth house of home and vehicles. A person may purchase a new luxury vehicle or opulently decorate their home.

Being the twelfth sign of the natural zodiac, Pisces represents expenditures in Vedic Astrology.  So, one must be mindful not to overly indulge in “retail therapy”, especially for an Aries ascendant.  Ideally, Jupiter will help Venus curb its desirous nature.

Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which is known for its stubbornness and strength. Taurus is the second house of the natural zodiac, which signifies the family, speech, and clothing. Taurus is a money house and also signifies accumulated money, i.e. your savings and investments. There can be ongoing discussions with family about finances and children.  With a Pisces/ Taurus exchange, there can be expenses related to family or foreign objects, expensive clothing, jewelry, artwork, etc.  This is particularly true for those in a Jupiter or Venus planetary cycle.

Jupiter and Venus play the role of advisers in Vedic astrology. Given Jupiter’s placement in the house of speech, plenty of guidance may be dispensed, but implementation will take time.  Since both planets are benefics, sweet speech is the mode to utilize to make convincing arguments.  For those in a Jupiter cycle, it is a good time for public speaking, teaching and the recitation for mantra.

Taurus also signifies the face and ingested items. In terms of Ayurveda, Jupiter rules madhu rasa or the sweet taste. Jupiter is associated with fatty foods which are made from butter or ghee. It also indicates sweet foods and herbs, and sweeteners. Jupiter can lead to gluttony and excess when it’s afflicted. It wants to be true to its name and be ever expansive.  Venus’s influence can cause impulsive behavior. Be careful not to excessively treat yourself to rich, high caloric treats or other unhealthy foods.

Venus and Jupiter exchange houses until April 10, 2013. Then Venus moves into Aries. This house swap holds the potential for wise counsel, sweet speech, and bestowing a pleasant demeanor. There is the opportunity to over-indulge and drain your savings. Those in a Venus or Jupiter planetary cycle have the choice to choose wisely!

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