Venus Gets Overheated in Vedic Astrology

Mars & Venus
Mars & Venus

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, and the arts. It is considered as a benefic planet in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish.  A benefic is a  planet which generally provides favorable experiences. Venus enjoys harmony and tranquility. It’s been exalted or at its most favorable planetary placement since March 17, 2013, when it entered Pisces.

As Venus entered Pisces, it also began a house exchange with the other great benefic, Jupiter. This swap continues until April 10, 2013.

Venus typically enjoys the spa-like accommodations in Pisces. Yet, it isn’t fully able to do so for two reasons.

Venus is hampered by the fact that it will be astronomically combust (within 9 or less degrees of the Sun) until early May. Recently, Venus has been traveling right alongside the Sun at the same degree. Being exalted, totally combust and in a planetary exchange is a rare occurrence. A combust planet is blinded in the rays of the brilliant Sun and thus unable to fully express the qualities which it signifies. Conversely, the closer that a true planet gets to the Sun, the more that it imbues the Sun with its properties.

Mars is the fiery planet and enjoys adventures, challenges, confrontation and rushing into situations. Venus favors a relaxed, conciliatory atmosphere where it can be surrounded by fineries and luxurious situations. It communicates with love, while Mars speaks sharply.  In terms of human significations, Venus represents the romantic partner or the spouse, and Mars represents siblings.  So there may be conflict with these parties.  Amongst other inanimate signfications, Venus can signify luxury items, artwork and vehicles, while Mars signifies machinery and property.

Adding to this dynamic is the fact that Mars is also combust in Pisces in Vedic astrology. It is currently within 3 degrees of the Sun. Thus, Mars is total Pitta on fire, in terms of Ayurveda.

Those who are in a Venus or Mars planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) will be those who will feel the greatest impact of the battle. The planetary war between Venus and Mars continues until 12:20 am PST on April 9, 2013. How it will impact each individual depends on the person’s rising sign and what house of their horoscope is represented by Pisces (i.e. first house). The war is taking place in the last of the twenty-seven nakshatras or constellations, Revati.

Revati is associated with nurturing and care-giving. Yet, there can be tendency to over-give and then feel that they are totally spent in energy in resources. Watch for quarrels with family or loved ones regarding themes of service, giving, or humanitarian activities. Additionally, do not fall into the trap of feeling victimized during the graha yuddha.  Revati is also associated with the feet and ankles; be mindful of injuries to these areas. It’s not a time to acquire expensive, foreign shoes. Nor should you embark on long, overseas journeys during the next few days.

 If you’re feeling the heat, know that it’s a temporary phenomenon and that both Venus and Mars will experience some cooling within a week. In the meantime, consider using some Ayurvedic remedies to cool your Pitta!