Vedic Astrology for May, 2014

April showered us with two eclipses and the unexpected twists that only the Moon’s nodes can evoke. May brings us the gift of flowering planets in Vedic astrology or Jyotish.  Vedic astrology for May, 2014 presents us with an array of strong planets and a potential for elevated outcomes.  What differentiates the planetary placements in Vedic astrology for May, 2014 from other months is that five of the nine planets will be strong during the month. This is a rare event.
Navagrahas (9 planets)

We begin May with the Sun continuing its state of exaltation (sign of greatest strength) in Aries for the first two weeks of May.  The Sun represents vitality, authority, the father, prominence, and nobility.  This placement can bring strong personal and professional results for those who are Aries, Cancer, or Leo ascendants in Vedic astrology. There can be rise in status or a promotion. People in a Sun planetary cycle (dasha or bhukti) will also benefit.

Retrogression is a sign of strength in Jyotish.  Mars is retrograde in Vedic astrology until May 20.  It’s important to be mindful of conflict, accidents, injuries or flare ups with siblings for the weeks before and after Mars comes out of retrogression. This is particularly true for people experiencing a Mars dasha or bhukti.
Saturn will be retrograde and exalted in Libra for the entire month of May. Saturn prefers to strategize in solicitude and feel secure.  It can be very disciplined, frugal, and patient. This placement can bring status and opportunity for individuals in a Saturn dasha or bhukti, but not without some conflict or hesitation. 

Venus continues to be exalted in Pisces until May 24 in Vedic Astrology. It’s as if Venus is staying at a four star spa.  Here, it can enjoy the luxurious comfort to which it accustomed.  Venus signifies beauty, love, romance, the arts, luxury, one’s partner, and vehicles.  Depending on which house Pisces is situated in your astrological chart, Venus will vibrantly display its rich tapestry.  An individual with an Aquarius ascendant  may buy fine silks, elegant jewelry, or foreign artwork.  If a person is a Sagittarius ascendant, then the person may purchase a new luxury vehicle or opulently decorate their home.

Jupiter remains in Gemini in Vedic astrology for May, 2014.  It moves into its exaltation sign next month, for the first time in 12 years.  People who are undergoing a Jupiter dasha or bhukti can release some of the difficult circumstances of 2013. This month is a strong period for spiritual practices and the repetition of mantras.

Quick witted, intellectual Mercury moves along at twice its normal speed, and moves into Taurus on May 5, and then Gemini on May 23.  Mercury will be its own sign when it’s in Gemini. This enhances oral and written communication for people running a Mercury dasha or bhukti.

It may be an opportune month for many to launch new endeavors. Vedic astrology takes specific placements into consideration for each person to determine timings and outcome. If you like more personalized information on how to best utilize these times, contact me for a personal, individualized session.

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