Vedic astrology for March, 2017

Mars in Aries – Vedic astrology for March, 2017

Jyotish or Vedic astrology for March, 2017 brings strong placements for Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.  Mercury turns weak, and Saturn becomes more stable. There is a great deal of activity in Pisces and Aries this month.

Mars in Aries

The big move in Vedic astrology for March, 2017 is Mars’ return back to its own sign of Aries on March 2. With this move, the passionate combination of Mars and Venus separate.  Mars is no longer seeking romance, but stands ready to assert its own agenda in a fiery manner.

Venus has been exalted in Pisces since January 27. It becomes even stronger on March 4, when it turns retrograde.  Exaltation and retrogression are both considered indicators of planetary strength in Jyotish.  Is it time to re-consider your romantic partnerships?  An opportunity to renew your artistic endeavors? Is it an occasion to make foreign travel plans or perhaps redecorate your home or purchase a luxury foreign vehicle?  Those in a Venus planetary cycle are the ones who can most take advantage of this transit.

Jupiter and Venus are the great benefics or planets which deliver favorable experiences. In Vedic astrology for March, 2017, both benefics are powerful.  Jupiter is retrograde all month in Virgo.  Will you be seeking avenues to incorporate philanthropic activities into your daily schedule? Or will you find meaningful methods to assist children in gaining higher education?  Does teaching or mentoring become a more regular activity in your work? 
Not only are these two planets strong, but they are also influencing each other by being in opposite zodiacal houses.  Jupiter is looking at its home of Pisces, thus, ideally minimizing the lavish expenditures which Venus enjoys.

Mercury debilitated

On March 10, Mercury dashes into Pisces, joining its friend Venus.  Pisces is Mercury’s sign of debilitation or greatest weakness.  As Mercury signifies the intellect, it can impede critical thinking.  Therefore, you may experience misunderstandings or miscommunication, which lead to business losses.  You may want to chant a mantra for Mercury.  Green mung beans are the food which is associated with the planet Mercury. In Ayurveda, Mercury is associated with the nervous system.  You can take herbal supplements to help your mental clarityBrahmi is also an herb typically used for the nervous tissue.  Mercury remains in Pisces until March 27, before joining Mars in Aries.

Full Moon

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for March, 2017 will be visible on the night of March 11 in North America.  The Moon is full in Leo in the generous nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni. It’s a day to be charitable and spend time with your family.  It is not the day to fill your closets with more unneeded items.  You may read more about this on Facebook.

March 12 to 14 are ideal days for networking, especially if you are looking to change jobs.  Moon and Jupiter will have joined forces in Virgo.

Sun in Pisces

Sun joins the planetary party in Pisces on March 14.  Sun is happy to vacate the home of its enemy, Saturn, and reside in the home of its friend, Jupiter. However, Venus and Mercury are not as happy.  They always keep close company with the Sun, but they are lost in his glare.  Venus is very close to the Sun from March 20 to 26, making it difficult for Venus to fully assert its aesthetic and romantic qualities.

By mid-March, Saturn has become more stable and out of its gandanta position.  Yet, Saturn is still in Mula nakshatra.  Mula is a difficult star which can create reversals of fortune and being uprooted. It’s time to make lemonade out of lemons.  Additionally, you may also worship Lakshmi to steady your finances.

New Moon

The new Moon in Vedic astrology for March, 2017 is on the 27th in Pisces in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada.  Watch your emotional energy as you may feel drained and frustrated.  Most of all, don’t take your anger out on others, but rather channel it into your spiritual practices.  This is the day to meditate and to worship your ancestors.

How will you positively utilize the strength of Jupiter and Venus for yourself and for others?  What do you have in Virgo and Pisces natally?  These factors determine your focus, as do your planetary cycles.  Thus, if you want to boldly make change in your life, know what house Aries signifies in your chart and how Mars is posited in your birth chartJyotish gives us the opportunity to intermingle our free will with our destiny patterns, as indicated in our charts and as exhibited by our actions.