Vedic astrology for April, 2017

Have you felt the stirring of the cosmos? Do you find yourself in a whirlwind of activity trying to determine which road to follow?  You are being directed to follow a higher path and take right action.  Dharma, or your duty, is emphasized in Jyotish or Vedic astrology for April, 2017.  Seven of the nine planets are supporting your actions by virtue of their strength.  This includes four retrograde planets being retrograde and providing the opportunity to fine tune your strategies.

The month in Vedic astrology for April, 2017 commences with Mars mightily situated in its home of Aries. As the boldest and most active of the nine planets, Mars provides the courage and fortitude to move forward towards your goals.  Like the fiery sign of Aries, you can experience the ups and downs of the flames of the mind.  Be discerning about what you are seeking to create in your life.  It’s not just about winning the battle.  What will feed the fire of your soul?  Feed your inner and digestive fire to gain proper momentum.

The planet of love, Venus, continues to powerfully exude its radiance by being exalted and retrograde in Pisces. What reflections have you made about your romantic relationships? This is the month to get clarity on whether you are moving forward or going in separate directions.  Figure it out by mid-month when Venus comes out of retrogression.

Have you been able to curtail your expenditures with this Venus transit?  If not, seek wise counsel and get your personal and financial affairs in order.  Wise Jupiter’s retrogression in Virgo provides you with the support to manage your debts, legal issues, and create healthier habits.

Rama and Hanuman
We celebrate the births of Rama and Hanuman in Vedic astrology for April, 2017

Dharma reigns supreme this month, as we honor the birth of Lord Rama on April 4. This day is Ram Navami.  In India, it begins late morning of April 4 and ends 24 hours later. Chant Lord Rama’s name and ask for him to guide you on your path.

Do you know what house Saturn is currently transiting in your chart?  Well, it’s about to give you more pause for thought regarding those house themes as it turns retrograde on April 5.  Saturn’s retrogression in Sagittarius may make you feel like things are moving in super slow motion regarding those house matters.  Take the opportunity to strategically fine tune the details in your life, especially as they pertain to your spiritual aspirations.

Mercury’s retrogression in Aries begins on April 9.  It will be a time when you repeatedly debate the same concepts. Analysis becomes the keyword for the next few weeks.  Don’t allow overthinking to create procrastination and delays in your actions.


The full Moon in Vedic astrology for April, 2017 is on the 10th in Virgo. This is Chaitra Purnima, with the moon full in the constellation of Chitra.  Come into your fullness as you decide how to be the architect of your own universe. What structures do you wish to create? How will you design your life plan? What  instruments will you use to implement your strategies?  Read more on my Facebook page.

In North America, the Full Moon also marks Hanuman Jayanti, or the birthday of Lord Rama’s humble servant. It is celebrated on April 11 in India.  Take the day to worship Lord Hanuman.

On April 13, Mars leaves its home of Aries and enters sidereal Taurus.  Watch your speech so that it is not harsh or abrasive.  Avoid family quarrels.  And don’t over indulge in intoxicants.

Even though tenacious Mars has just left home, the heat returns the next day when Sun enters Aries, its sign of exaltation. Aries ascendants will want to shine their power.  Cancer ascendants may have an opportunity to step into the limelight with their career.

Tensions run high and you may be extra sensitive from April 16 to 18.  Aside from taxes being due, it’s a time when a slow moving, retrograde Saturn is with a debilitated Moon.  Resolve to get your taxes done early rather than waiting till the last minute!


The new Moon in Vedic astrology for April, 2017 is on the 26th.  It’s in Aries in the constellation of Bharani.  This is the perfect day to worship your ancestors. The deity of Bharani is Yama, the gatekeeper when we leave the worldly plane. With three planets in the dharma house of Aries, it’s an opportune time to take stock of how you are engaging in right action.  I will post more info on my Facebook page.

Whatever planetary cycle you are in, the planetary transits in Vedic astrology offer you the opportunity to utilize their strength to lay the groundwork for exploring new frontiers.  Harness your innate gifts and tie them to the heavenly movements to help you move forward as you navigate your cosmic roadmap.