Vedic astrology for April, 2015

Hanuman -
Hanuman –

Jyotish or Vedic astrology for April, 2015 begins with a total lunar eclipse which coincides with Shri Hanuman’s birthday.  April is an exceptional month; there’s a great deal of planetary strength for five of the nine planets in Vedic astrology, following the eclipse.  Strong planets can provide underlying support for our intentions and actions and produce visible results.

Jyotish considers planets to be strong when they are exalted, retrograde or back home in their own sign. Being a lunar based system, Jyotish places special attention to the Moon. The Moon gains strength when its in its own sign, exalted, or full.

The full Moon in Vedic astrology for April, 2015 occurs on April 4 in Virgo. However, this full Moon is not so auspicious as there is a lunar eclipse happening in Hasta nakshatra.  It is a powerful time for spiritual practices, but not for onward activities such as trying to catch a glimpse of the luminary in the sky. April 4 is also Hanuman Jayanti, or the birthday of the noble monkey god.  Hanuman was known for his unending service, devotion, bravery, and valor.  We can chant the Hanuman Chalisa as we honor Hanuman and his many virtues.

Eclipse path - courtesy of
Eclipse path – courtesy of time and date

Mars remains in its own sign of Aries throughout the month.  This is a strong period for those in a Mars dasha or bhukti.  It summons tenacity and passionate action to implement bold actions powerfully.  With it singular Pitta nature, Mars can be very headstrong in sticking to its goals, regardless of the impact on others.

Venus returns home to Taurus on April 7 for the remainder of the month.  You may feel drawn to add to your collection of artwork, jewelry, and fine pieces of clothing.  This is also a time when you can happily engage in public speaking or share your musical talents.

Exalted Jupiter comes out of retrogression on April 9.  Things move slowly but steadily for those in a Jupiter dasha or bhukti. The time you’ve spent in contemplation has hopefully yielded you the wisdom to move forward in a manner which is for the benefit of all.  Jupiter will be moving at 75% of its normal speed by month end.

The Sun turns up the heat in Aries when it joins its fiery friend Mars in Aries mid month.  This exalted Sun can be an ideal time to implement health promoting routines.  Sun and Mars also provide confidence to make bold decisions and carry them forward with determination.  But this combination can also lead to Pitta issues in Ayurveda, so be careful not to overdo it either physically or mentally.

Saturn continues to be retrograde in Scorpio.  This transit is well suited for re-evaluating secrets and struggles that you’ve been carrying around.  It’s an opportune time to delve deeply into mystical traditions to find answers to philosophical questions.  As always, Saturn seeks security and safety in whatever it does, and it does so strategically.

The only planet that is not strong this month is Mercury, which is debilitated in Pisces until April 12.  Debilitated planets feel they have to work extra hard. With Mercury so close to Ketu and combust by the Sun, you may overtax your intellect trying to make sense of the unexpected.  Strike a balance between your head and heart and don’t let either carry you away, especially around the time of the eclipse. Even when Mercury enters Aries, it still remains combust until the 19th.  While you may have brilliant ideas, they may be misunderstood or you may face a challenge implementing them.

One astronomical event which warrants caution in Vedic astrology for April, 2015 is a planetary war between Mars and Mercury from April 21 – 23.  Mercury wants to be analytical, while Mars wants to rush into action.  Mercury prefers to use words, while Mars chooses to exercise its physicality.  This war takes place in Bharani nakshatra in Aries.  Bharani is known for its creativity, but how will you express it  – thoughtfully or rashly?  Bharani ceaselessly toils away at its endeavors.  This behavior can put pressure on both the blood circulation (Mars) as well as the nervous system (Mercury).  Additionally, watch out for a tendency to revel in excessive activities, whether it be with food, drink, or other intoxicants.  The battle between rational activity and impulsive behavior can manifest in many arenas.

How will you harness the powerful energies that manifest in Vedic astrology for April, 2015?  There are many options available; select that which best aligns with your planetary cycles and placements.

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