Vedic Astrology and the Nepal Earthquake

In Jyotish (Vedic astrology), karma can be classified as adhyatmika (self-caused), adhibhautika (caused by others) or adhidaivika (acts of nature).  The recent devastating earthquake in Nepal as well as the volcano eruption in Chile have touched the lives and hearts of those worldwide and has given us pause reflect on our lives and reorganize our priorities. Having witnessed the devastation of the South Indian tsunami while managing a NGO there, this tragedy in Nepal had me searching for answers to understand how and why this disaster happened.  Thus, I researched what links could be made between Vedic astrology and the Nepal earthquake. While the earthquake can certainly be categorized as adhidaivika karma, there are still astrological correlations which can help explain what precipitated this natural calamity.

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Kurma Chakra
Kurma Chakra

The ancient text Brihat Samhita has a chapter entitled “Signs of an earthquake”.  It describes weather patterns prior to an earthquake, which nakshatras (asterisms) are involved in earthquakes, and even what earthquakes on particular days of a lunar month signify.  This text was written thousands of years ago.

This is also a predictive device known as kurma (tortoise) chakra. One of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu was a tortoise.  Kurma chakra divides countries into nine different directions and then places three nakshatras in each zone. Events correlated with these nakshatras signify either favorable or unfavorable events, depending on other astronomical factors.  Nepal falls in the Northern region of the diagram and is associated with the nakshatras Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, and Uttara Bhadrapada. These stars are in Aquarius and Pisces. Examining the day on which Nepal became a republic (May 28, 2008 at 11:10 PM), the Moon falls in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra. This makes for an interesting correlation, giving more weight to the three nakshatras ascribed to Nepal in kurma chakra.

Sarvatobhadra Chakra (from
Sarvatobhadra Chakra (from

There is another method known as Sarvatobhadra chakra which places the nakshatras into pairs. If one nakshatra is occupied by a planet, then the other should remain unoccupied. This method is used for muhurta or for auspicious timing of events. If both are occupied by one of the nine planets, this creates something called vedha (likened to an enemy in the king’s courtyard) and is very unfavorable. In muhurta, an event would not commence if there was vedha.

When a nakshatra participates in a solar or lunar eclipse, it is believed to cause detrimental results for some months to come. The number of months will depend on whether it was a total, partial, or annular eclipse. We had two eclipses recently. There was a solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. It took place in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada is one of the three nakshatras associated with Nepal. The nakshatra opposite it is Hasta and that should ideally be unoccupied. But North node Rahu (which helped create the eclipse) was in Hasta nakshatra and this created vedha. The nodes are always opposite each other.  Fortunately, this eclipse was not visible in Nepal.

On April 4, 2015, there was a lunar eclipse occur in Hasta nakshatra in Virgo, with Moon and Rahu there. To prevent vedha, Uttara Bhadrapada should be unoccupied. But South node Ketu and a debilitated Mercury were there. This eclipse was visible in Nepal.

North node Rahu is connected with accidents, injuries and unexpected occurrences. Since the nodes are invisible, they are most able to surprise us with their events.

Each sign of the zodiac has countries associated with it.  Nepal is associated with Aries.  An exalted Sun and a strong Mars (which owns Aries) were occupying this sign during the earthquake.  The Vedic texts associated with kurma chakra state: “If Sun and Mars are together, they become intensely dry.  Also if Sun is behind Mars (which it is), no rains.”

Nepal earthquake
Nepal earthquake

With Vedic astrology and the Nepal earthquake, we can examine the day and time of the earthquake. Both the Sun and Mars were very close to the mid-heaven in Aries, along with Mercury. Sun and Mars are fiery planets. Sun represents those who hold prominent positions, (government officials), health, and medicine. Kurma chakra states, “Sun being a traveler causes changes in atmosphere.” Mars correlates with accidents, surgeries, fire, and the military.

Mars has also been influencing retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is an earth sign.  Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio.  Mars and Saturn are both bhumy karakas or indicators of land.  When they are strong, there can be a greater likelihood of natural disasters as both are natural malefics.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why the earthquake happened at the time it did, but Saturn was creating vedha for the Cancer Moon that was in the ascendant.  Seismic activities can take place for weeks or months before the actual disaster occurs. When I was working with the tsunami relief, the fisherman stated that the fish had started disappearing weeks before the incident. They knew something was being altered in their environment.

This is very technical information about Vedic astrology and the Nepal earthquake, but goes to highlight how important astronomical factors are in the timing of events.  As we pay more attention to nature, we can better understand our world.  The ancients knew so much thousands of years ago and these insights are largely disregarded in modern society. Prayers and blessings go out to all those in Nepal and Chile and those who have lost family and friends in this tragic disaster. If you are moved to help, please support Dr. Shrestha’s charity or a charity of your choice.

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