Vedic Astrology for August, 2014

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for August, 2014 brings great shifts.  For those who complained that things were moving too slowly, the opposite may now be true.  An exalted Saturn has come out of retrogression and the “slow mover” is now limping at 125% its normal speed.  The period for reassessing strategies is over and it’s time to implement them. Exalted Jupiter is also moving at over 250% of its normal speed and quickly zooming through Cancer.   Always one to embrace change, nimble Mercury is keeping double its normal pace.

The month of August began with a planetary war between wise Jupiter and analytical Mercury.  This occurred in the nurturing nakshatra of Pushya. The desire to help was present, but it was difficult to do so following correct standards of ethical behavior.

For those wondering why exalted Jupiter has not delivered the full results it promises, that can be attributed to the fact that an exalted Saturn is influencing Jupiter one-sidedly and hampering its ability to show its full benevolence.  That changes in November when Saturn enters Scorpio.  Jupiter has also been in close proximity to the Sun and lost in its effulgence. This phenomenon of “combustion” continues through August 8.

The nodes Rahu and Ketu have moved into Virgo and Pisces, respectively, creating less of a chaotic situation in Libra.  However, Libra is not friction free as Saturn and Mars return to their battle of wills in Vedic astrology for August 2014.  This pairing can create more natural disasters as well as problems with machinery.  Being an air sign, Libra can bring issues with air travel or battles in the sky.  The height of this conflict is August 23-27.  Air travel during this period is ill advised.  It’s also a time not to push your agenda too strongly.  Others will not respond well to your demands.

Venus joins Jupiter, Mercury, and Sun in Cancer starting August 7.  Romance comes to the forefront for Cancer and Capricorn ascendants, especially those in a Venus cycle.

Vedic astrology in August, 2014 brings yet another planetary war for Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter will be within one degree of each other from August 16-18.  Desire and wise actions create conflicting emotions.  It’s not a time to make major decisions.

The Sun enters its own sign of Leo on August 16 for one month. It’s a potent time for spiritual practices whenever the Sun moves. This brings favorable results for Leo rising and good career prospects for Scorpio ascendants.  Those in a Sun cycle benefit the most.

It’s time to keep your nervous system in check as Mercury once again moves in close orbit to the Sun from August 5 to August 11, with August 8 being the most crucial day to practice moderation.  Mercury brings its intellect over to Leo on August 12.

Vedic astrology for August, 2014 brings multiple opportunities but also times to practice caution and restraint.  Individual dynamics are determined by your personal Vedic astrology chart and your planetary cycles.  For further information on how you can best prepare, consider a personal Vedic astrology reading.

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