Jupiter and Venus planetary war in Cancer



Jupiter is currently exalted, or at its highest point in the zodiac, in Vedic astrology.  In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, we analyze how the nine planets occupy the 360 degree arc of the zodiac. Each planet has its own unique characteristics and enjoys having the room to do so. Venus and Jupiter will be within one degree of each other starting tonight about 10:20 PM Pacific.  This creates a Jupiter and Venus planetary war in Cancer.   We have two planets vying for the same space.

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, romance, luxury, passion, and the arts. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, teaching, higher education, discernment and spirituality.  Venus and Jupiter are considered the great “natural benefics” in Vedic Astrology, or those planets which usually deliver favorable experiences. While a war between two benefics is favorable than one between two malefics, as my Vedic astrology teacher says, “Both parties in a war are bloodied.”  In terms of significators of people, Venus represents the spouse or romantic partner and Jupiter is the significator for children and teachers.

This battleground takes place in the sign of Cancer, which is owned by the Moon.  As the fourth sign of the natural zodiac, Cancer represents home life, property,  the mother, fluids, education, and vehicles.   Disagreements may arise regarding how to spend time with family, whether to follow educational pursuits or more indulgent activities.  Do you follow the path of wisdom or give into desires? There may also be problems with vehicles.  Issues between the romantic partner and children can also come up.  An exalted Saturn is also influencing this combination, so that puts a harsher tone to whatever behavior arises.

Who “wins” a war is determined by their astronomical placement and in this case, Venus “wins” the war. The Jupiter and Venus planetary war in Cancer happens in the nakshatra or constellation of Pushya.  Pushya gives a strong desire to nurture, but there are strict codes of ethics and morals.  There may be disagreements on what is proper and ethical behavior and what is not.  The peak of the Jupiter and Venus planetary war in Cancer is at 10:15 PM Pacific on August 17.

This war is particularly of significance to those in a Venus or Jupiter planetary cycle.  How this will impact a person individually depends on where Jupiter and Venus are placed in their natal charts as well as what their rising sign is.

During this time, it’s best to be very mindful and not make any major agreements which could have a major impact on your life.  Think twice before you give into fleeting desires.  Give yourself time to reflect on any key decisions so that you can make clear choices.  The Jupiter and Venus planetary war in Cancer ends at 10;30 PM Pacific on August 18.

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