“The Simpsons” as Ayurvedic Archetypes

the-simpsons-stamps-20090410-073607Ayurveda describes that each of us are composed of three doshas, or body types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. 
While a multitude of means exist to describe each Ayurvedic body type, the explanation can be simplified by referring to commonly known figures.  Television is a universal medium.  Characters from the popular FOX series, “The Simpsons” easily embody the Ayurvedic archetypes.

Vata is the principle of movement.Vata predominant people tend to be active and crave stimulation.  They enjoy change and are full of ideas. Young Bart Simpson is very typically Vata.  He is always getting into trouble because of one new idea or another. He likes to try new things, but not stick to them.  The worst thing for him is sitting around and doing nothing.

We have Lisa Simpson who fits the Pitta archetype perfectly.  Pitta people are ambitious, inquisitive perfectionists.  They are lifetime learners and are very much “project people”.  Lisa is Bart’s sister.  She is at the top of her class and an expert on a variety of subjects.   Lisa is a fighter for social justice.   She is skilled at organizing events and executing them.

Homer Simpson is the father of the family.   He embodies the Kapha constitution.  Homer is the stereotypical couch potato.  He loves sitting around, watching tv, and eating donuts.  The other place he frequents regularly is Moe’s pub.  Kaphas enjoy routines and can get quite sedentary in their ways.  They love sweets and are usually somewhat overweight.

For a glimpse anytime into Ayurvedic archetypes, just tune into a “The Simpsons” episode. To learn your current Ayurvedic constitution, take this free quiz