Time for a Tune-Up

We would probably all agree that the summer has flown by, while the winter usually drags along.The much anticipated summer is drawing to a close, like it or not.  The weather has gotten a bit cooler. We see that summer clothes are disappearing from the retail stores, and kids are getting ready to go back to school.

Summer may surprise us and linger longer than usual, as it did last year. Yet, the leaves will change color and our schedules will change as the season changes.  We may go out less or try to fit in the last bit of summer fun.  Perhaps a vacation is in order.  Or at least a mental holiday, if nothing else.

A change in season is an opportune time to give our body a tune-up.  We have stickers on our cars that remind us when to change the oil.  And if we don’t do our regular maintenance, then some kind of warning light will go off eventually.  Or the car may not function as well as it used to, and then we know to take it in to get fixed.

Our bodies have the same kind of maintenance requirements.  We do need to give it a regular tune-up.  We just prolong it longer than we do with our cars.  We know that the car can only do some much once it makes noises or takes longer than usual to do perform a regular function.  Similarly, the body may not be as spry as before.  There may be some cracking and popping of the joints.  It might be getting harder to read small print.  Whatever the issue, the body sends us its own warning signals so that we can maintain its proper function.

If we are really in tune, we pick up the early signs.  If we are too busy with other stuff, we ignore it and the later wonder what happened to cause the health issue.

Take out your PDA/ appointment book/ calendar and schedule a time for a few days to do a cleanse or detox. Start out a few days before by eliminating all the processed food, sugar, fried food, and other unnatural substances from your diet. See a holistic health professional to get you on the right track on about the specifics of cleansing. Ayurveda has some specific, gentle cleanses for seasonal junctures. 

  • Schedule down time where there is no cell phone or PDA or computer to demand your time and energy.
  • Take up a regular meditation practice.
  • Make time to listen to your body.
  • Journal about what is happening.
  • Get to bed at a reasonable hour (i.e. before 11 pm)
  • Eliminate one unhealthy person/ habit / situation from your life permanently.
  • Saw no to other commitments if they do arise.
  • Set aside at least 2 days (ideally one week).
  • There are seven tissue systems in the body and each requires one day to cleanse.

As for that car, let it have a break as well.  Stay put and let the car rest along with you.  You won’t need to jump start the car if it’s idle for a few days, it’ll be ready and rearing to go, just like you.