Declaring Your Independence

Happy 4th of July. It’s the 222nd anniversary of the birth of this nation. July 4, 1776 was a historic moment that has been commemorated annually. It marked a beginning for the country and fresh new start for the people of the U.S.  People declared their freedom from what was previously restricting and holding them back.

So, on this holiday, take a moment between the barbeques, parades, and fireworks and reflect on what you may need to be freed from. Is there something or someone that is holding you back?  What can be done to change that?  Have you been afraid to declare your freedom and move forward into uncharted territory? Is it time to update that resume, quit that job, let go of that unhealthy relationship, or join the gym?  Do you need to stop responding to every email and returning every phone call within the next 12 hours? Are there toxic old friends who you need to stop seeing?Maybe it’s time to stop giving all the time and start receiving. Or, is it time to ask for what you want?  Is it time to make yourself a priority rather than someone’s option?

Perhaps you need to start saying “no” rather than “yes” to every invitation. Stop doing things out of obligation or guilt. Release what is holding you back from pursuing what you really feel moved to do.

Declaring your personal independence takes a lot of courage and fortitude, but see how free you’ll feel after you do it! Happy Independence Day!