Retrograde planets abound!

retrograde planets
Many retrograde planets will impact in the coming months

We’re currently in the midst of Mercury retrograde and everyone is all too familiar with that regular astronomical phenomenon. However, other planets also turn retrograde.  Retrograde planets abound in the next few months! Jupiter is currently retrograde in Libra.  In addition, Saturn retrograde commences on April 17.  The Vedic astrology view on retrograde planets is that they convey strength to the planet. It enhances their inherent nature – for better or worse.


As retrograde planets are seemingly moving backwards in their orbit, they are closer to the earth. The closer they are, the more we feel their impact. This retrogression is a normal occurrence for Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. We call these the “true planets”.  The Sun and the Moon are our luminaries, while Rahu and Ketu constitute the nodes.

In Jyotish, the term vakri (vuck-ree) is used to denote a retrograde planet. Vakri means “crooked”.  Vedic astrologers also use the nickname of Vakri for Mars, as it moves in an aberrant retrograde manner.

retrograde planetsMars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are retrograde once a year, for varying lengths of time. Saturn and Jupiter turn retrograde when they are approximately opposite the Sun in the zodiac.  Mercury and Venus are always traveling close to the Sun, so they are not more than a sign or two away from Surya Deva at any given time, whether as retrograde planets or direct.

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, so we should be used to it by now! If you know how the retrograde planets are impacting your own chart, then it’s easier to navigate the periods when they are retrograde.


Planets are either benefic (creating results which we deem favorable and associated with primarily positive categories) or malefic (correlated with events which we try to avoid and traits which are often harsh).  Jupiter and Venus are always benefics. Mercury is either a benefic or a very mild malefic depending on its astrological house mates.  Mars and Saturn are always malefics.

Vedic astrology has varying interpretations regarding retrograde planets. We prefer the benefic planets to be retrograde, as this allows them to deliver more favorable results,  However, we do not like it when the malefic planets turn retrograde, as that can create more virulent results. 

A slow moving, retrograde malefic planet can wreak havoc. The times when planets move the slowest are the days during which they are going in and out of retrogression. They’re slowing down and theoretically changing direction. Thus, malefic planets are then able to act in their normal forceful fashion, but in a very directed and prolonged manner.


Jupiter turned retrograde in Libra on March 3 in the system of Vedic astrology. 

Depending on one’s chart, this can create:

  • A reviewing of personal and professional partnerships
  • Actively seeking like minded people who “have your back”
  • Rise in the number of marital unions
  • Opportunities to begin new business ventures
  • Looking at measures to ethically protect children’s’ rights
  • Renewed interest in travel for spiritual purposes
  • Increased expenditures on spiritual pursuits
  • A rise in the sellers of religious or spiritual objects
  • Retailers having to revise their interface with customers
  • The desire to move far from one’s birthplace
  • A proliferation in the number of small businesses
  • Great focus on achieving a mission

Jupiter remains retrograde until July 10 and will occupy Libra through October 10.

The specific transit of all retrograde planets will depend on your personal astrology chart, what astrological house these planets are in both at birth and now, as well as other factors.


Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17. This can create:

  • Foreign pilgrimages
  • Spending extended periods of time abroad
  • Reviewing of life strategies
  • Greater military presences overseas
  • More political insurgence to fight for security
  • Conflicts over weapons and ammunition
  • Increased race related tensions
  • Widespread fires
  • Weather related problems with cold and heavy winds
  • Greater emphasis in schools on the study of philosophy, religion, and ethics
  • An influx of donations to conservative organizations

Saturn comes out of retrogression on September 6 and remains in Sagittarius through 2019.  Yet again, it will turn retrograde next year.

Mars goes retrograde in June, in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. That will be covered separately. Further information on retrograde planets will be posted on my Facebook page.

Knowledge of your Vedic astrology chart, your retrograde planets, and planetary placements will be provide you with an astrological roadmap to avoid any bumps or delays in the road.