Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra

There is an American expression, “I cried me a river”.  For those unfamiliar with it, it refers to an endless stream of tears or deep, abiding sadness about a situation.  In Jyotish, there is a nakshatra (star) which is symbolized by a teardrop as it can cause one to lament over arduous circumstances. That is Ardra nakshatra in Gemini. On Wednesday, September 11th, North Node Rahu made its entry into Ardra.  Rahu in Adra nakshatra can be a very transformative time, but not without some tears shed.

In Vedic astrology, the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are called “chaya grahas” or shadow planets. Because they are invisible to us, they create events that are sudden, jarring, and out of the blue.  


Of the 27 nakshatras, Ardra is considered as one the most challenging. That is because the deity of Ardra is Rudra, the God of the storms. He is the fierce form of Lord Shiva. His job is to remove everything in our path that has outlived its usefulness. This allows the individual who is experiencing the effects of Rahu to undergo radical transformation. While this is great for fresh starts, the rains leave multiple streams of moisture in their wake.  Part of this moisture is the wetness which is associated with the tears of loss.  

I recently saw an unattributed quote, ” Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.” That reminded me of Ardra. The rudraksha mala is associated with Rudra as it is said to have been formed from the tears of Shiva. In fact, rudraksha literally translates as “eyes of Shiva”. 

Rudraksha mala

Rahu acts like Saturn, first and foremost, and then it mimics its neighbors. As you may have read, Saturn is currently transiting the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha, whose deity is a water goddesses. This is one reason we’ve had many calamities involving water. 


Rahu was previously in Adra nakshatra from February to October, 2001. Here is hat to expect with Rahu in Ardra:

  1. More issues with water contamination. Rahu represents poisons or toxins. Recently Fukashima has been talking about dumping radioactive water into the ocean.  Right after Rahu entered Ardra, the current administration repealed the Obama administration’s clean water policy. This impacts over 100,000,000. 
  2. Increased virulent storms, flooding, and hurricanes. 
  3. More global conflict between countries. 9/11 happened when Rahu was in Ardra. This lead to the war on terror and then the fighting in Afghanistan. 
  4. An ending of strategic alliances between countries, groups, and communities.

Rahu in Ardra


How do you best manage Rahu in Ardra?

1. Propitiate Shiva by offering white flowers, incense, and khir.

2. Perform an abhishek to a Shiva lingam

3. Chant Shri Rudram

4. Do japa with a rudraksha mala

5. Chant a mantra for Rahu

6. Chant a mantra for Ardra nakshatra (Gemini)

7. Focus on your spiritual practices. Rahu in Ardra can actually be a heightened time for inner work and contemplation.

8. Donate to charities such as the NRDC which are supporting our natural resources and charities which help with water crises.

9. If you do eat fish, be extremely selective about the sources of what you consume and its impact on your body.

10. Be mindful in planning journeys that involve travel across bodies of water, such as cruises or extended time in water – i.e. white water rafting adventures.

11. Examine what in your life no longer serves its intended purpose. For instance, this can range from material possessions to habitual patterns, to relationships or alliances.

12. If you do personally experience the personal transformation associated with Rahu in Ardra, then shed some tears and move on. Realize that is part of the natural cycle of life and that it will open the door to something new, however unseen that may be.


Rahu remains in Ardra until May 20, 2020. (Note: I am using the mean nodes option here, while some other Jyotishis use the true nodes, as is their prerogative. Hence, you may some variances in the dates.)

If you are in a Rahu dasha or bhukti, natally have Rahu in Ardra, have an Ardra lagna (ascendant) in Jyotish, or have your Moon in Adra, then you will likely feel the impact more so than others on a personal level. You may wish to schedule a Jyotish reading for a personal glimpse into this time and beyond.