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January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse guidelines

The first eclipse this year occurs on January 31. This will be the most significant eclipse of the year in North America, as it is the only one visible here this year. It’s also a total eclipse in certain parts of the world.  The Moon will be full in Cancer in the constellation or nakshatra […]

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse : Stay indoors!

Everyone seems to be discussing the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.  There are even flights to go view it!  In Jyotish, or, Vedic astrology and astronomy, eclipses are particularly powerful events. Eclipses occur when the nodes, Rahu (North) or Ketu (South) fall within a certain astronomical degree of the Sun / Moon.  Since eclipses occlude […]

Major planetary shifts in Vedic astrology for August, 2017

For all of 2017, August is the month which can impact you the most and shape your future.  The month in Jyotish or Vedic astrology for August, 2017 contains two eclipses, Mars debilitated, the nodes changing signs, Mercury retrograde, Saturn coming out of retrogression, and Jupiter preparing to move after one year.  Are you prepared […]