Planetary alignments for June, 2019

A unique planetary configuration is about to take place in the skies. It’s one which calls for extra caution and mindfulness simultaneously.  These planetary alignments for June, 2019 will have a global impact. Here is what is coming up in Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for June. 

Mars and Rahu 

Fiery Mars and North node Rahu are at the exact same degree on June 13th and 14th.  Mars is the planet of aggression, warfare, ambition, and assertiveness. Passionate Mars is skilled at warfare and leadership. It blazes a trail wherever it goes.

Mars is with Rahu, which is restless, and craves change and excitement. Rahu is ambitious and relentless. It is head without a body and continually seeks new stimulants to satisfy its voracious appetite. 

These two agents of change are together in Gemini in Vedic astrology.

Mars and Mercury 

Mercury is currently keeping company with Mars and Rahu. Dual-minded Mercury is very impressionable and takes on the characteristics of its astrological neighbors.  

Mercury is the indicator of business, commerce, communication, analysis and intellect.  Mars and Mercury have an exact conjunction from June 16th to 20th.  This is known as a graha yuddha or planetary war in Vedic astrology.

These two planets exhibit varying strategies. Mars acts while Mercury thinks. Mars fights; Mercury analyzes. Mercury intellectualizes but Mars retaliates. Astronomically, Mercury “wins” the war, but both are scathed in the battleground. Be sure to take supplements to maintain your mental equilibrium.

Mercury changes signs on June 20th when it enters Cancer. Mars follows two days afterwards. 

Mars in Cancer

While it’s astrologically beneficial for Mars and Rahu to separate, it leaves Gemini to enter into its debilitation sign.

Mars in Cancer is like a frustrated warrior. He has pent up anger and stews daily.  He will work extra hard to make his case. 

If you are in a Mars planetary cycle, pay particular attention to your health.  Mars represents the blood in Ayurveda, the healing system associated with Jyotish. Favor cooling foods and take supplements which can improve blood health. 

Here comes the Sun

The Sun brings its heat to Gemini when it moves there on June 15th.  The Sun is joining Mars, Mercury, and Rahu. Matters pertaining to whatever Gemini signifies in your chart will intensify.

Both Mars and Sun are considered Pitta planets in Jyotish.  You should be cautious of inflammatory diseases and overheating. 

Saturn and Ketu

Fueling the fire is the conjunction of South node Ketu and Saturn in SagittariusSaturn dislikes control and insecurity. It will do what it can to shore up its safety.  Ketu is a headless body trying to stabilize itself. It lacks the vision to see clearly and can easily make mis-steps. Thus, it tries to maintain a certain status quo.

Mars and Saturn

Mars are Saturn currently opposite each other.  They are at the same degree on June 14th and 15th.  

Saturn’s current retrogression intensifies its force.  When this powerful duo influence each other, they create a “my way or the highway dynamic”.  They will battle till the end for what they think is right.  However, they go about it in opposing manners. Whereas Mars pumps the gas, Saturn keeps its foot on the brakes. Fiery Mars blazes ahead abashed; Saturn uses a strategic plan. The hot planet enjoys taking center stage, whereas the cooler planet wants to be left alone. 

The nodal alignment of the malefic planets adds more potency to their impact.

What to expect with the planetary alignments for June, 2019

This tense combination can create political tension, global conflict and natural disasters. They set the stage for future events as well.  There is an astrological correlation between planetary placements and natural disasters.  Here are some events which we can occur:

  • Opposing political factions which lead to more conflict.  This can happen both within a country as well as battles between countries. Some will be a little too “trigger happy” to prove that they are right.
  • Saturn is conservative. Saturn and Rahu represent foreigners. Sagittarius signifies one’s religious and philosophical views. Look for racial tensions to heighten.
  • Mars and Saturn are both  significators for “bhumy” or land. Rahu and Ketu are “shadow planets”; they bring about unexpected and unseen events. Together, they have the potential to create earthquakes or seismic disasters.  
  • Look for intense temperatures. Mars and Ketu are “Pitta” planets. Sagittarius is a fire sign. Heat will play a significant theme in both weather and raging fires.  We have already seen how the global ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. 
  • Gemini is an an air sign.  Mars relates to heat, fire, and can also symbolize mechanics. Rahu brings sudden events.  This could create accidents in the sky or even air strikes.
  • Mercury is the indicator for commerce and business. This includes finances. By virtue of being in a planetary war with Mars and with erratic Rahu, it sets the stage for greater upheaval in the global investment world. This applies to stocks and commodities. 
  • The Moon joins Saturn and Ketu on June 17th to 19th in Sagittarius.  Saturn and Ketu are in a constellation whose deity is related to water.  Expect more water related natural disasters. It is likely to lead to more tornadoes, heavy rains, and flooding.  There can also be natural disasters in the oceans, rivers, and seas.
  • Rahu and Ketu both indicate “poisons”.  There can be water contamination or other diseases which cause widespread concern.

How to manage the planetary alignments for June, 2019

  • Stick to your practices.  Whether it is prayer, meditation, journaling, visualization, chanting, japa, etc., don’t these events prevent you from doing your valuable practices. 
  • Be mindful of your health. The Mars / Saturn opposition can cause people to push themselves to their limits and beyond. Eat right, follow a daily routine, and get proper rest. Consult a health-care practitioner as needed. Take a short quiz to put you on the right track.
  • Understand the themes which are being activated by the planetary transits in your own chart. They will relate to what Gemini and Sagittarius signify for you – based on your rising sign. Pay particular attention to those matters.  The nodes and Saturn do not change signs until 2020, so these themes will predominate.
  • Avoid reactionary mode.  Mars and Rahu are impulsive and act without thinking. Be thoughtful in what you do, so that you don’t have regret later.
  • Keep your center of balance. With intense world events, it can be so easy to freak out. If you don’t maintain an equilibrium, then it will be more difficult to make judicious choices.  Otherwise, your environment will start impacting you, rather than vice versa.
  • Chant mantras for Rahu, Ketu, Saturn (Shani), and Mars (Mangal). It’s especially helpful to chant for Rahu and Saturn on Saturdays and for Mars and Ketu on Tuesdays. This can help stabilize the planetary alignments for June, 2019.
  • Take refuge in your community – whether it be spiritual, educational, a book club, neighbors, etc.  Spend time with like-minded individuals who share common goals and visions. Support each other.
  • Be proactive. Rather than complaining or spending time on social media, do something. It will make you feel that you are making an impact.  Each time you post about a disconcerting event on social media or complain about an event, balance it with a positive measure. Call a Congress person, volunteer, donate, sign and share a petition, campaign for a candidate, or get involved in a gathering to further a common cause.
  • Chant mantras for Poorva Ashadha – the star in Sagittarius which Saturn and Ketu are transiting. 
  • Chant mantras for Punarvasu – the star in Gemini which Mars and Rahu are transiting.
  • Avoid making life changing decisions. This includes major moves, signing contracts, starting a new venture, etc.  Auspicious timing is very important to the success of an undertaking. 
  • Be more humanitarian. Both Saturn and Ketu are in a constellation which promotes being an environmental activist. It’s a time when we can take responsibility for the ecology in our locality and globally.  Contemplate how you can use less plastic, lighten your global footprint, and create a cleaner world. 
  • Get your priorities in order.  Focus on what is important and let go of what is dragging you down. 
  • Answer the wake up call to which these planetary transits are beckoning us to respond.
  • Turn off the news and focus on what is positive in your life. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for even the smallest things. Notice how it changes your mindset.

These alignments set the stage for two eclipses in July. I will write about those in a future blog.  Please follow my Facebook posts for further and more frequent updates.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti