Four Planets in Aquarius in Vedic Astrology

People have been expressing that they feel great intensity at this time.  In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, we assess how planetary influences will impact an individual’s life. This is done by studying the planets both in the natal birth chart and where they currently are transiting in the heavens. Additionally, we review planetary cycles and gauge what the significant influences will be. An individual experiences planetary cycles called dashas and planetary sub-cycles called bhuktis from birth to death.  Given that there are currently four planets in Aquarius in Vedic astrology, it’s likely that you are in the dasha or the bhukti of one of these planets.

The four planets currently transiting Aquarius are Mercury (which is retrograde), Mars, Venus, and Sun. Aquarius is an air sign. Thus, it can be prone to air or Vata ailments in Ayurvedic terms. (Learn more about your current Ayurvedic constitution here).  Air signs lack the stability and groundedness of earth signs.

Aquarius has a reputation as the most eclectic sign of the zodiac. As the 11th sign of the natural zodiac, Aquarius has to do with groups, clubs, and societies. It is also the house of wishes, aspirations, gains, and income from career, among other meanings.  The intensity can play out in these arenas.

 The Sun reflects the soul and it is the brightest object in our solar system. It has a strong sense of self, but is not happy in Aquarius, as it’s in a sign ruled by its enemy, Saturn.

 Venus is all about peace, harmony and love.  Since it entered Capricorn in late January, it’s been in a house exchange with its friend Saturn. Saturn is exalted in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Venus brings its love of aesthetics to Saturn’s need for structure. Saturn stops Libra from being overly indulgent with its desires. Saturn gives Venus the desire to associate with foreigners or older companions. Venus softens Saturn’s cold, direct approach in personal interactions.  

 Venus is also hampered by the fact that it will be astronomically combust (within 9 or less degrees of the Sun) from now until early May. Mercury always travels close to the Sun, so it is often combust. This month is no exception. A combust planet is blinded in the rays of the brilliant Sun and thus unable to fully express the qualities which it signifies. Conversely, the closer that a true planet gets to the Sun, the more that it imbues the Sun with its properties.  

Mars is also in an enemy’s sign in Aquarius.  Mars is the warrior planet of action and wants to do its own thing. It feels thwarted by the blazing hot rays of the Sun or peaceful Venus or analytical Mercury. Some of the fire gets put out by the airy element of Aquarius

 Mercury is dual natured; it takes on the guise of its companions. When it’s with the good guys or benefics (Jupiter and Venus), it acts like them. When it’s with the bad guys or the malefics (Mars, Saturn, the nodes Rahu and Ketu, and to a lesser extent, the Sun), it acts like them.  Given a choice of either, it leans towards the malefics. Mercury’s current retrogression imbues it with strength, not weakness.  Retrogression connotes the notion of repetition, renewal, and revisiting of situations.

When two true planets are within one degree of each other, this is known as a planetary war. Mercury goes into a planetary war with Mars at 5 am PST on February 25. There is the fight between Mar’s warring capacities and Mercury’s analytical, calculation tendencies. Do I think or act? What is the best course of action? Do I revisit a situation or blaze forward – and forget the consequences?. Mars and Mercury are at the exact same degree at 1 am PST on February 26. The war ends when the planets separate by more than one degree at 7:40 pm PST on February 26. There is also a full Moon in Leo at 12;26 PM PST on February 26, so you may feel this war powerfully.

There’s less intensity in Aquarius as the planets leave one by one and bring the show to watery Pisces. Mars heats up Pisces on March 4. The Sun enters Pisces on March 14th.  Venus elegantly enters its sign of exaltation in Pisces on March 17, and Mercury comes out of retrogression that day as well. Mercury enters its debilitation sign of Pisces on April 9 and joins its former companions, as well as the Moon in the twelfth sign of the zodiac.

How this foursome impacts each individual will depend on your rising sign and your dasha and bhukti, and what else may be in your natal chart in Aquarius.  A personalized astrological reading will lend greater insight into how your current and upcoming cycles as well as planetary transits will impact you personally, both now and in the coming months.