Mercury and Venus Wage War in Aquarius

We all enjoy having our own space, and the planets are no different. The zodiac is comprised of a 360 degree sphere.  In Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, we study how the nine planets are dispersed in this arc: Sun, Moon, the nodes Rahu and Ketu, and the five “true planets” (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn).

 Each planet has its own unique way of expressing itself and enjoys having the room to do so. Venus and Mercury will be within one degree of each other beginning at 10:07 AM PST on March 6, 2013.  This is known as a graha yuddha, or a planetary war in Vedic astrology.

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, romance, luxury, passion, and the arts.  Mercury is the planet of analysis, communication (oral, written & technological), commerce, the intellect, and education in Vedic astrology. 

Fortunately, if a planetary war has to occur, the least worrisome combination is between Mercury and Venus. They are friendly to each other.  The two are usually close to each other in orbit and are comfortable being in each other’s company.  And the battlefield is in Aquarius, a sign of the zodiac ruled by Saturn. All three planets are friendly to each other, so this lessens the negative impact. Mercury’s current retrogression imbues it with strength. The notion of revisiting a situation can play out during the war.

Yet, both planets are already weakened as they are astronomically combust, or within a few degrees of the Sun. Planets close to the Sun lose some of their brilliance when they are hidden in the rays of the Sun. Metaphorically, the qualities of the planet(s) can not come forward.

 The war plays out in the constellation or nakshatra of Shatabhisha. Shatabhisa translates as “100 or 1000 physicians”. It is often associated with illnesses which are difficult to remedy. For those in a Mercury or Venus planetary cycle, watch for further aggravating an illness. In terms of Ayurveda, Mercury is associated with the nervous system and Venus with the reproductive tissues and genito-urinary system.

Furthermore, Shatabhisha is connoted with physical and mental paralysis. If there is a conflict between desire and intellect, then an individual may have difficulty taking action and feel mentally trapped.

 There can also be the notion that you are alone and feel that you have to operate separately from others.

Who “wins” a war is determined by their astronomical magnitude, and in this case, Venus “wins” the war.  However, as my Jyotish teacher says, “Both parties in a war are bloodied.”

This war is particularly of significance to those in a Venus or Mercury planetary cycle.  How this will impact a person individually depends on where Mercury and Venus are placed in their natal charts as well as what house Aquarius represents in their charts (i.e. first house, fourth house, etc.).

 If you are impacted by it, don’t schedule any major activities during this time or make any long-lasting commitments. Be mindful with all your activities and don’t act or speak impulsively.

At 8:46 PM PST on March 6, the planets are at the same degree. This is when there can be the greatest impact. The war between Venus and Mercury ends on March 7, 2013 at 7:47 AM PST.