Vedic astrology for September, 2016

nature desktop 2Suffice to say, the majority of the population can attest to the fact that it’s been an intense year so far.  Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for September, 2016 brings the opportunity for a reprieve from all the drama.  We also have two eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and the end to the problematic Saturn/ Mars conjunction.

The new Moon and a solar eclipse start off the month in Jyotish or Vedic astrology for September, 2016.  The eclipse is only visible in most of Africa, Western Australia, and Southern Asia. Thus, these are the locations which must exercise caution.  Are your family needs eclipsing your own needs? Are you over-indulging?  It’s a day to law low and conserve your energies.


The month also begins with Mercury retrograde.  You’ll spend a lot of time reviewing, revisiting, and re-thinking your plans and strategies.  Take this time to implement health-promoting routines and rituals and boost your immunity. You have been pushing yourself too hard. Now, it’s time to re-assess and re-evaluate how to better take care of yourself.

Pitru Paksha 2016 is from September 16 – 30.  This is the time of worshiping your ancestors.  Travel is ill-advised.  Nor is it the time to commence new ventures.


The highlight in Vedic astrology for September, 2016 is that Mars and Saturn separate on the 18th.  This push/ pull fire and ice dynamic finally comes to an end.  Until they separate, there is still the potential for many natural disasters and political upheaval.  As Mars enters Sagittarius, take this opportunity to re-evaluate your dharma.  Mars is the bold planet of action.  What steps will you take to concertize your plans towards your higher calling?  Be specific and write down your plans. Create a timeline for yourself.  You’ll want to boldly move forward after you assess what has flourished and what stagnated this year.


Romantic relationships take precedence in Vedic astrology for September, 2016

Venus, the planet of love and partnership, is debilitated until September 19.  You feel that you have to make that extra effort in your romantic life, but your strategies are unskillfully executed and poorly received. The way in which you communicate your intentions to your partner takes on even greater importance.  

From September 19 to month end, Venus regains strength.  Relationships take on added significance as matters of the heart are very prominent.  It can be your top priority as the desire for a fulfilling romantic partnership becomes a  foremost priority.


There is a a lunar eclipse on the September 16 full Moon.  It’s visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and a bit of South America.  See the NASA website to find how the eclipse impacts your location.  Vedic astrology never advises gazing at eclipses. This eclipse creates great desires and passionate worldly expressions.  Yet, you feel bouts of frustration and anger.  Channel those passions into creative means, such as art or photography.  You may read more about the full Moon in Vedic astrology for September, 2016 on my Facebook page.

Mercury retrograde ends on September 22. It’s a powerful time to concretize the intentions which you have laid out for yourself.  Changes can be implemented slowly but steadily.  Take an herbal remedy to help you focus.

What lessons have you learned from the challenges which you faced earlier this year? Vedic astrology for September, 2016 allows you to start fresh with the support of your ancestors.  What are the best strategies to implement with the planetary movements of Jupiter and Mars?  Schedule a Vedic astrology reading to learn how to best navigate your cosmic road map.