Handling Mercury retrograde August and September 2016

P8PfgzQMercury retrograde begins again on August 30, 2016.  While many people dread times when Mercury is retrograde, Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, offers a somewhat varying perspective than Western astrology.  In Vedic astrology, retrogression makes a planet stronger.  This Mercury retrograde August and September 2016 is different from past ones this year.  This time, Mercury is back home in Virgo and engaged in a planetary war.

Mercury is the “landlord” of  Virgo and is also at its greatest point of strength there.  The planets enjoy living in their own homes rather than residences where another planet is in charge.  Add its retrogression, and Mercury retrograde August and September 2016 is a very powerful time.  Retrogression connotes the notion of repetition, renewal, and revisiting of situations.

1916753-bigthumbnailMercury enjoys pursuing at least two varying paths simultaneously. Mercury’s innate ability to multi-task is hampered by periods of slow motion.  There can be bouts of frustration which impact the nervous system (or majja dhatu in Ayurveda) due to the slow moving impediment.  Mercury is powerfully able to use its versatility and intellect to create business opportunities for itself.  Repetitive thoughts may occur.

Mercury and Jupiter are super close together right now.  They are in a planetary war (graha yuddha); both want to pursue their own agendas.  Mercury likes to use its intellectual abilities; Jupiter is more philosophical.  Mercury is analytical; Jupiter is wise.  Mercury is impulsive; Jupiter is more practical.  Thus, it’s difficult to discern what to do.  Watch what you say.  It’ll be hard to find the right words and misunderstandings are likely to occur. The Mercury/ Jupiter war lasts through September 3.

563764-200From August 30 to September 9, you may get lots of requests for help from others.  It’ll be difficult to say no.  Do not jump into new relationships. They will be fleeting and you will regret them pretty quickly.

Mercury moves back into Leo on September 9.  It joins North node Rahu and the Sun.  Aberrant thoughts may show up.  What you say or write can easily be misinterpreted.  However, this is a good time to study a foreign language.

Here are some tips for handling Mercury retrograde August and September 2016:

  • Do not sign any legal contracts, as there is the likelihood that the contracts may have to be revised or that they will not go through.
  • Be very careful of new partnerships.
  • Check and double check all your written communication (including texts). Are you crystal clear?
  • Request delivery receipts on important emails and postal mail.
  • Don’t engage in verbal power struggles with your children.
  • Consult health care practitioners on methods to support your nervous system and digestion.
  • Write down health promoting routines for yourself and create strategies to implement them.
  • Pay close attention to your nervous system health and do not overtax it.
  • Take herbal supplements to support memory, speech, and cognitive function.
  • Don’t make any life-altering decisions at this time; if you must, get a second opinion.
  • Use this time of Mercury retrograde August and September 2016 by engaging in creative activities.
  • Express your opinions but choose your words carefully. Be open to other perspectives.
  • Students should be meticulous with their assignments.

2026064-bigthumbnailIn retrogression, what is most problematic is when a planet goes from being direct (forward motion) to retrograde or from being retrograde to being direct.  Pay particular attention to the precision of your thoughts, words, and actions from August 30 to September 2 and September 19 to 24.  Mercury turns direct on September 22.  More about Mercury retrograde will be posted on Facebook.

The specific methods for handling Mercury retrograde August and September 2016 depend on the placement of planets in your personal chart.  Planetary cycles also have to be factored in to determine how you can utilize this time to your advantage, and what cautions may be warranted. A personalized Vedic astrology reading will take all these details into consideration.  This is not the last Mercury of the year; we have another one at year end.



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