Vedic astrology for March, 2016

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for March, 2016 brings us the first two eclipses of the year.  There is a great deal of astrological activity centered in Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

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On March 1, Mercury joins the Sun and South node Ketu in Aquarius, bringing the capacity for out of the box thinking. You may be surprised by what comes out of your mouth or what you write or the type of communications you receive.

One of the most sacred nights of the year is Maha Shivaratri, the night dedicated to worship of Lord Shiva.  It’s a night to chant his name.   According to mypanchang, it falls on March 6 for those in North America in the Pacific time zone and on March 7 for the rest of the world.  To remotely participate in a Shivaratri puja in India, please send an email to Shri Vivek Godbole at

On March 7, Venus and the Moon move into Aquarius, creating a cluster of 5 of the 9 planets in Aquarius.  Whatever Aquarius signifies in your chart will be magnified, depending on your planetary cycle and natal placements.

Vedic astrology for March, 2016
photo courtesy @watervagabond

Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse will take place on March 9 in most of India, Indonesia, and parts of the Pacific, including Hawaii.  Please see the NASA website to determine the timing and visibility in your area.  For those in North America, this will be on March 8.  The new Moon is in Purva Bhadrapada at 5:55 PM Pacific time on March 8.  This is Magha amavasya.  If the eclipse is visible in your area, then it is important to stay inside and not look at the eclipse.  Most of the world will be unable to see the eclipse, but this is a powerful day to worship your ancestors and meditate, as the energies are heightened.  Don’t enter into any new agreements.  Be mindful of your emotions as you may be prone to feels of anger, frustration, and limitation.  Keep an inward focus.

Aquarius gets a little less crowded when the Sun enters sidereal Pisces on March 14.  The Sun is much happier in this sign ruled by its friend Jupiter.  Those with a Gemini ascendant may have greater career opportunities with multi-national companies or abroad.

Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces, where it is both debilitated and combust (by the Sun’s rays).  Those in a Mercury planetary cycle may feel that they have work extra hard with matters of communication.  Watch your words and speech carefully.  Check and double check.  Mercury and the Sun are at the same degree on March 23, so this is the time to be most mindful.

photos courtesy @watervagabond

Full Moon

The 23rd is also the full Moon in Vedic astrology for March, 2016.  It is Phalguna Punima with the full Moon in Virgo in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni.  Normally, we celebrate the full Moon, but this is also the time of a lunar eclipse. It’s visible  in Asia, Australia, North America, and most of  South America. See the NASA website for timings.  Vedic astrology never advises looking at any eclipse. It’s beneficial to keep an inward focus and eat minimally.  You may also worship Shiva during this eclipse. Be wary of alliances, especially romantic ones during this eclipse. The Guru Chandal yoga can be more problematic at this time. More will be posted on my Facebook page.

Saturn Retrograde

The next day, Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio.  Have you felt the intensity of Mars and Saturn together in Scorpio?  Whatever you are experiencing is likely to magnify as Saturn becomes more powerful due its extremely slow motion.  Be very mindful the week before / after Saturn’s retrogression.  You can feel greater intensity regarding whatever Scorpio signifies in your chart.

Kn5UvevBy month end in Vedic astrology for March, 2016, Saturn is moving at 30% of its normal speed.  The two slowest moving true planets in Jyotish are retrograde, so it’s a period of revisiting, refining, revising and reviewing the matters which Leo and Scorpio signify for you.  It’s also a time to refresh your relationships with teachers, mentors and children and revise your health care strategies.  This can be an opportune phase for studying ancient topics.  Be careful not to jump to conclusions or be inflexible regarding your opinions.

2016 will be a pivotal year for all of us.  Are you prepared for what’s ahead?  Learn what to expect in Vedic astrology for March, 2016 and the year ahead via a personalized Vedic astrology reading.