Vedic astrology for October, 2015

photo courtesy @watervagabond
photo courtesy @watervagabond

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for October, 2015 contains important Vedic ceremonial observations and festivals.  The holy days of Pitru Paksha continue, followed by the festival of Navratri. With regards to astrological movements, Mercury retrograde ends, and three planetary wars ensue.

Are you immersed in the practices of Pitru Paksha?  This is a sacred time for ancestor worship.  You can learn daily practices from Living SanskritCrows symbolize our ancestors so they are worshiped in Vedic rituals for Pitru Paksha.  Cows are propitiated in Pitru Paksha rites as well. Pitru Paksha ends on October 12 with the new Moon in Virgo.  This is Bhadrapada amavasya.  The Moon is new in the constellation of Chitra (Spica in Western astronomy).  You may desire to stand out and shine in the crowd and find unique ways to do so, but it will be difficult to be noticed.  Rahu and Mercury’s presence in Virgo add fuel to the desire to express your individuality.

2b975cda57cf14e52c9a1550b19b7731Sharad Navratri begins the following evening.  This is the nine night festival to honor the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  It is a time of celebrating and worshiping these powerful deities. Navratri starts on October 13 everywhere except for Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, where it will commence on October 14 (source: mypanchang).  Look for additional posts on this website and on Facebook.

Most of the activity in Vedic astrology for October, 2015 is focused in the signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio (where Saturn remains for the next two years).  This will bring a maelstrom of activity to whatever houses and significations are indicated your personal Vedic astrology chart.

A very powerful Mercury retrograde continues until October 9.  There are certain activities which you will allow you to make the most of this time.  Mercury will remain exalted in Virgo until October 30.  Mercury is with the Sun and Rahu, creating the possibility for unconventional insight and intellectual endeavors.

The Sun moves into its debilitation sign of Libra on October 17 for one month.  This is a time when Libra ascendants may struggle with self confidence issues but can utilize physical routines to improve their sense of self.  For Capricorn ascendants, it’s a mixed time for career, when they may have great responsibility but feel undermined by authority.  Aquarius ascendants should pay extra attention to spiritual practices.

In Vedic astrology for October, 2015, amorous Venus, fiery Mars and wise Jupiter keep close company in Leo.  Jupiter and Mars are friendly to each other and are happy inhabiting the Sun’s sign of Leo.  Venus is not as well settled.  Venus maintains its focus on family and romantic relationships while it’s in Leo.  Partnerships come to the forefront for Aquarius ascendants, but this can be tumultuous as three planetary wars occur in Leo this month.

The first war is between Mars and Jupiter in the constellation of Purva Phalguni from October 15 to October 20. Mars’ fiery ambition may not bode well with Jupiter’s discerning foresight, particularly as it relates to children and family.

Venus and Jupiter engage in another planetary war in Purva Phalguni from October 24 to October 26.  Venus’ romantic tendencies will conflict with Jupiter’s spiritual pursuits.

11870671_10153481168067226_4979190383771859700_nThe new Moon in Vedic astrology is visible on the night of October 26.  This is Ashwina Purima, so the Moon is full in Aries in the nakshatra of Ashwini.  The Ashwini Kumars were the celestial twin equine physicians who brought the healing system of Ayurveda to the world. Thus, it can be an ideal time to implement Ayurvedic healing regimens.

At month end, Venus and Mars wage war in Uttara Phalguni in Leo.  Will your state of being in love with love lead you down the path of romantic misadventures?  The war ends on November 5 in Virgo.

If you are in a Venus, Jupiter or Mars dasha and /or have prominent placements in Purva Phalguni or Uttara Phalguni, you need to be very mindful, especially in the arenas of family and love.  More details regarding events in Vedic astrology for October, 2015 will be posted on Facebook.  As this month can be a turbulent time, you may choose to have an in-depth astrology reading to help navigate the last quarter of 2015.