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Vedic astrology for October, 2015

Jyotish, or Vedic astrology for October, 2015 contains important Vedic ceremonial observations and festivals.  The holy days of Pitru Paksha continue, followed by the festival of Navratri. With regards to astrological movements, Mercury retrograde ends, and three planetary wars ensue. Are you immersed in the practices of Pitru Paksha?  This is a sacred time for […]

Predictions for 2013 in Vedic Astrology

Since the world did not come to an end today, let’s take a glance as to what the future may bring. We have some major planetary movements happening. Here is a sampling of predictions for 2013 in Vedic astrology. The big shift happening momentarily is that the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are changing signs on […]